Our world wasn’t safe.
Simply too many creatures walked it, be it in the light or in the dark.
But it was tolerable, for we were at that point of development where crimes exist, but they aren’t exactly wanton.
At least, that’s the rule.
And an exception appeared in our town.
It was a series of deaths caused by absolute complete loss of blood.
Clearly a vampire or some other manner of bloodsucking creature appeared around these parts.
It was sad, to be fair.
And I mean for these creatures.
Their feeding was strictly regulated, and they couldn’t feed on other intelligent beings without their consent, thus usually they fed on their partners.
Well, it doesn’t really matter, for this little vampire is almost dying of a heart attack.
Wait…can they die of a heart attack?
How did this happen?
How did I end up scaring a vampire, ahem, murderous vampire almost to death or life?
They are undead, so would they die again?
Well, the story is pretty simple: it was because I was stupid.
Obviously ignoring the curfew, I went out to a movie alone, because I wanted to watch it.
It was in another town, so there was no curfew there, so no, I am not contradicting myself.
Well, on my way back home, I took the less known paths, so that the ones patrolling won’t see me.
And obviously, the vampire had to get me.
He drained me of my blood in a very cruel way, not only did he bit me three times, he also enjoyed scratching me.
Must have been influenced by some cat blood.
He was proudly standing over my “corpse”, when my wounds started to heal, and I rose up.
I said, and he fainted.
It was the funniest thing I saw in the last millennia.
After all, I already stated that in our world, many creatures live together.
I never said I was not part of them.
But this…
This will be interesting to explain, because I know this little vampire.
He is one of their Emperor’s kid.
Oh boy, did I get myself in muddy waters again.
Well, not that I would care too much, that kid probably still fears me when I kind of did the same prank on him as well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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