The Ones who Survive

The universe is said to be infinite, but even if this would be proven to be false, it is almost impossible for mere living beings to fathom the vastness of it.
And in this seemingly endless environment, many life forms prospered and developed, but none of them had the same reputation as “ The Ones who Survive”.
They were humanoid in form, but external and internal structure often varied from environment to environment.
They were the ones who all civilizations recognized as the oldest species, and as both the blessed and cursed ones of the universe.
For they had an extremely coveted ability.
They were given the chance to come back every time they were at death’s door, and not only they came back, but also they became attuned to the manner of their killer.
Be it poison, environment, weapon, spell or the cruelty of space itself, if they came back to life, they were almost immune to it.
Notice the “if” in the portion talking about their return.
This ability wasn’t omnipotent, nor foolproof, and it depended on the individual whether they came back or not.
Thus, they often died, trying to claim a new ability.
Not only did they die due to their own pursuit of power, but they also were feared, thus they had enemies aplenty.
On top of that, the universe itself was fair.
Given that they were blessed with such a gift, that could take them to height unimaginable to most living beings, they also got the counterpart of the blessing, its curse.
They were prone to attract deadly affairs.
This on one hand, if they were already strong and confident, meant that it was easier for them to train, and become stronger.
On the other hand, this meant that often, from as young of an age as mere days old…the members of this species were dancing on the edge of the knife.
In fact, that’s how they chose and nurtured their prodigies.
The younger one was when the first death-or-life crisis happened and they survived, the more importance was put on them by their clan.
But nothing guaranteed the survival of an individual going through this.
Indeed, it was a happy event to survive, as afterwards they were certain to awaken an affinity, a power, that would allow them to endure more of what killed them, or if they are extremely lucky and talented, they could train up the awakened ability up to the point they would be completely immune.
But the chances to survive weren’t that high.
Yet, they never stopped their trials, and they never changed their lifestyle.
After all, their name suits them.
The Ones who Survive.
Their numbers are low, compared to the other species, but its increasing, not dwindling, just at a really slow rate.
And who knows, one day, they might be the last ones to laugh…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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