Caught in the middle

It was a beautiful evening, and we were having fun in a fancy themed restaurant.
The theme didn’t matter, nor the good food, for I had wonderful company.
Her name was Vetra, and she was just perfect.
We met at a Medieval festival, she was even participating in a fight.
Seeing her in thin leather armor, and waving a spear around…she stole my heart.
As we were having dinner, and discussing about movie night, the restaurant’s lights started to flicker.
Outside, from a clear sky, with a beautiful moon and myriad stars, it suddenly darkened, with thunder rumbling.
I saw Vetra’s face darken.
“Don’t worry, it’s just a sudden storm…”
I said, smiling.
She smiled back, but then, the thunder crackled, and lightning hit…me.
I felt it rush through me, and I almost instantly blacked out, but I remembered…I was holding Vetra’s hand.
I tried to take away my hand, but she gripped it tighter.
I murmured.
But then…
Then the lightning as if leaving my body, disappeared, and none of its effects remained.
I felt weary, but otherwise good.
On the other hand, Vetra looked absolutely furious.
“Zeus, you coward! Come down, and face us normally!”
She said, which left me stunned…even more so than the lightning.
The people around us seemed to continue their dinner…even though the commotion wasn’t small.
A low chuckle was heard, and from behind Vetra, a tall man walked out.
He was wearing a royal blue three-piece suit, and his hair and beard was snow white, and well-kept.
But his eyes…
His eyes were sky blue, yet seemed endless…
“Stop looking at him with your all-seeing eye, you goddamn geezer!
Gosh! Can’t you behave normally at least once!”
Vetra snorted, as she took a seat from an empty table, and brought it to ours, having the man take a seat.
“Anthony, this is Zeus, my dad.
Zeus, this is Anthony, my boyfriend.”
She said.
She called me “boyfriend”, I was so happy.
But “Zeus”?
And the lightning…
“Are you perhaps…”
I started.
“God of the Skies, and Ruler of Olympus?
Yes, I am, and this little princess is my youngest daughter, for whom, you simply aren’t worthy.”
He said, so sweetly, with such a smile, that I almost thought he was complimenting me.
“Shut up, you fossil, and stop meddling in my business!”
Vetra said, glaring at…Zeus?
“But my little Stormy Night, he’s a mortal!
And not even a heroic one, For Chaos’s sake, he just sits in front of a computer all day long!”
Zeus said.
I felt a bit…naked.
He knew so much about me?
“He’s literally the one running the business, what do you expect him to do?
Carry a stone up and down a hill?
Take your head out of your ass, and let me handle my love life, as I really am not going to take advice from you!”
Vetra snorted.
“Mortal, what do you think?
Should a daughter talk like that to her father?”
Zeus suddenly smiled at me.
“Yeah, dear, you think I should listen to some pervert who can’t control his lust?”
Vetra smiled at me as well.
I chuckled dryly.
I was caught in the middle of two storms…and I don’t really know if I wanted to answer any of them…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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