Birth of stories

Times were peaceful.
There was absolutely no sign of unrest.
Wars have stopped, even small skirmishes, after thorough negotiations and grave natural calamity brought circumstances.
And yet, weird occurrences multiplied.
A group of tourists recorded a red-hooded little girl walking through the woods (across multiple countries), and while trying to talk to her, she always got scared, screamed “wolf” and simply ran away.
She had a basket full of food, and fruits according to these records.
Another sighting recorded was that of a flying castle, circled by draconic entities, and several young men journeying there, before a battle erupts, with the seemingly thin, young men easily winning against the beasts.
The young men then having varied methods of going up to the castle, from where they left with young women all dressed in beautiful dresses and wearing crowns or tiaras.
To be noted: both men and women were from all the various ethnicities around the globe.
More and more such weird occurrences happened.
Magical plants growing and piercing the clouds in the matter of days..
Wolves and pigs chasing each other around…
Singing heard from the ocean…
Sounds of battles coming from the mountains…
And the list can go on.
We all know what these occurrences were.
That’s why we were so confused.
How and why did the stories we have read about, and heard about for decades, maybe centuries started to…become real?
We had sighting of dragons, giants, and many more.
Entire kingdoms suddenly appeared on the map, and new continents started to pop up.
It was extremely weird, filled with potential and dangers.
And we needed to find out.
I was chosen to be part of the team that investigates this issue, and we found out a lot of hidden information.
Like, all the characters that are now real individuals are lost for a period of time, usually from a week to three months, before they start coming to their senses, knowing everything about themselves, and starting to behave as a living being, not a word driven character.
Also, they more or less remember that once, they were simple stories.
Then, we got to know that as in stories, many kingdoms are already preparing to wage war on us, mages and supernatural beings are in love and extremely curious about our technology, whilst many are calling us heretics, foreign devils and invaders.
It is extremely interesting to see their point of view.
And after years of investigations, we found it.
The reason for the birth of the stories into the real world..
The heart of the stories.
A book shaped island…that was situated on Mars.
Why was it on Mars and affecting Earth?
We didn’t know yet.
But one thing was certain…
It was an island, because whilst Mars remained a Red Planet…it was now because of the red ocean that covered it, and not because of dust…
We had so many things to discover…so, we prepared, and soon…we shall land on Mars…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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