Letting a rookie lead

The world went to hell.
Well, not literally, but the countries fucked up with an experiment, and we ended up being overran by some creatures from who-knows-where.
So, Hell, might even be the correct answer.
Our cities fell, but we are adaptable creatures, humanity didn’t fall completely.
We regrouped, and fortified our biggest cities.
Creating many guard groups we started to protect ourselves.
And the monsters appearance brought with it big changes, we started to get stronger, healthier and some of us awakened strange powers.
I also awakened a power called “Heightened Senses”, all my senses are extremely sensitive and well-developed.
Also, I can continuously develop it.
Long story short, for the creatures that aren’t massive enough to ignore bullets, I am a reaper, and let’s not forget that I am perfect for scouting and reconnaissance missions.
With this ability, I worked and worked, and one day I was recognized as a talent, and got myself a squad.
We’ve been working on scouting and ambush missions for 6 years, even managing to get a few ruin exploration missions, and coming back with quite the haul.
And today…
Today, after being the leader of the squad for six whole years, I am asked to relinquish my position to the Rookie.
A dude who looks 16, might be younger or older, and who just came into the game.
I looked at the young one’s smug face, and at my superior who was singing praises and just shrugged.
“Yeah, sure, go ahead.”
I said, giving my Team Leader patch to the Rookie.          
The faces of these two were marvelous, while my squad just chuckled, being used to my shenanigans.
“You are okay with this, old man?”
The Rookie asked.
I was barely 30, what old man? I wanted to ask, but, well oh well, I let it slide, just nodding.
“If the boss wants you to be the leader, you shall be the leader.
Our lives are in your hands.”
I said, falling in with my squad.
The Rookie just chuckled, his eyes on the patch, while my superior just sighed, and left.
As we went on to start our mission, which this time was a relic exploration, one of my colleagues tapped me on the shoulder.
“Boss, you really want to let this baby face lead us?
We will fucking die.”
He said.
“Listen to his orders, but follow mine.”
I shrugged.
He chuckled, and so did the others.
Whilst the Rookie was too cocky, and we almost fell for several traps, and ambushes, overall it went well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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