An archlich through history

As I was busy studying the effects of the newly found mushroom on the cells of mammals, and reptiles, a faint knocking was heard on my door.
I smiled.
Opening the door to my tower, I saw a young woman, smiling widely.
“Bag of bones!”
She greeted.
I chuckled.
“Little squirrel!”
I retorted, hugging her.
I invited her in, and had her taste my cooking.
“It’s delicious!
And the pain in my sides lessened…
You truly are a magician with the ingredients!”
She said, stuffing her mouth full.
I watched her with delight.
“After millennia of researching, I should be good at a thing or two.”
I said.
“You know, you in the past or in the future, is the same.
Slow talker, patient and goddamn, such an open mind.
I just appear in front of you, after centuries maybe, and you take it as if you just saw me a few hours ago.
I am so glad to have met you.”
She said.
I sighed.
“How much longer do you wish to work for that organization?
Come on, you are their best agent, you stopped so many timeline collapses, so many time thieves, and time devouring monsters.
It’s about time to retire, and live the rest of your eternal life in peace.”
I said.
She just smiled.
“Old bones, you know how the organization works.
Once in, you can’t really get out alive.
As one of the few beings who managed to escape the organization, you should understand this.”
She said.
“I was but a researcher, and then they trapped me in the beginning of everything, hoping I would die of old age.
Imagine their surprise when you brought back evidence that I was in Babylon.”
I chuckled.
“Oh, they paled as if seeing Death in front of them, quickly sending me back to spy on you, see if you are planning revenge.”
She laughed.
“And you just came back, albeit missing the timing a bit, since it was a century or so later, knocking politely, and asking if you could see what I am working on.”
I smiled.
“And you showed me.
It was something about energy resonance at different frequencies, a study you made because of the way you can sense your phylactery even across dimensions.
Like seriously, bag of bones, you should hide your secrets.”
She said.
“The fact that I am a lich is no secret.
And the fact that my phylactery is not in this reality is also known, so why hide it?”
I said.
“You are an archlich, and also, you aren’t connected to your phylactery anymore.
You are truly immortal…”
She murmured.
“You went too far in the future, didn’t you?”
I sighed.
“An archlich through history, is a book written as the best mythology/history book in the next era, after this universe’s civilizations fall.
You survive all that, and maybe more…
You will see humanity rise, fall and rise again…”
She said.
“And I will always welcome you, with good food.”
I said, stopping her thoughts from becoming darker.
She just smiled, a bit of life returning to her eyes.
“Have to go bag of bones, see you whenever.”
She said, leaving.
I waved her goodbye, returning to my study…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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