Hero imprisonment protocol

As the Hero defeated the last of the invading Demon Lords, she smiled.
“It is finally over…”
She murmured, as she looked in the distance.
Then, she looked towards the planets, and galaxies behind her, each filled with life, and each of them going through a rebirth, after being defended, liberated.
“The measures I left behind are enough for this universe to thrive for eons…
It’s time I went…home…”
She thought, as she slashed the space in front of her, intending to step into the void.
But a pillar of light appeared, and a figure materialized in front of her.
It was the God of this universe, the one who brought her here.
“Thesuma, nice to see you.
I finished your request, I cleansed your realm, it is all free and under the management of your creations.
The devils are vanquished, and now…I go home…I go back to Earth.”
The Hero said.
The God just smiled.
“Your legends will be sung for eternity, your deeds woven into the very fabric of reality…
But Leah, are you sure you want to leave this perfect world for one you haven’t seen for centuries?
For one you barely remember?
You have family here, friends, a life.
It is not even certain your powers will follow you…
I worry for you, little one.”
Thesuma said.
“You took care of me, and so did the others…
But I have to be certain…I have so many people waiting for me, so many people I want to protect…
I protected my family here for centuries, as you said, but back on Earth…I haven’t managed to repay anyone…
Sorry…but I have to go.”
The Hero said, stepping pass Thesuma, into the void.
She was going home.
Thesuma watched with a smile the rift closing, and sighed.
Taking out a multicolored crystal, he crushed it, and a curtain of starlight appeared in front of him.
“Overseer 108973, reporting in.
Hero Nr. 108973 completed all the missions thrown her way, and decided to leave.
I now record the failure of the Hero Imprisonment protocol in the case of Hero Nr. 108973.
Her main attributes were indeed that of fire, space and saber, so the pantheons of fire, space and war gods should prepare for the ascension of a new goddess in due time.
The resources needed for her ascension will be staggering, but the main universe will supply them.
The delay of her ascension will be that of only few centuries, and depending on the state of her home planet, her faction might change from righteous to neutral, but there are no chances of her falling to the evil ones.
Overseer 108973, report finished.”
He said, the starlight curtain disappearing.
He sighed, as everything around him disappeared.
“Well, this illusion almost did its job.”
He murmured, as he disappeared, going to meet and talk with another Hero.
In the vast universe, the number of resources is still finite, and the Gods and Higher-Beings need for resources is staggering.
In order to stabilize the resource consumption they try to stall or eradicate potential new-comers into their ranks.
This is done through the Hero and Villain Imprisonment Protocol, one is conducted and supervised by the Gods, and righteous factions and the other is supervised by the Eldritch, Demons and evil factions.
Those with the fate of a Hero or a Villain, are those who have the highest chance in overcoming mortality.
And whilst this is overall good for the respective factions, in the long term, the resources won’t be enough for everyone…
Thus, illusionary worlds are created, false universes and planets where the Heroes and Villains live and grow, and hopefully for most, will remain to live their lives and die…
And those who leave, are the best amongst best, for their will is the strongest, and sharpest, thus the factions aren’t that heartbroken about their ascension, albeit they are indeed more…wary…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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