The Seven Wonders…of the Universe?

Humanity evolved and developed, taking its steps towards the vastness of space.
Planets after planets were discovered and then colonized, in order to satisfy the need for resources and space.
But there was something eerie that couldn’t be dispelled, nor hidden.
On each planet that was not only habitable, but also perfectly suitable for human development, there were…buildings found already there.
Some were worshipped by some aboriginals, but most of them were on planets where the evolution of life-forms haven’t even reached the level of Bronze Age tribes.
And yet there they were…
The Seven Wonders.
The Great Pyramids.
The Hanging Gardens.
The Statue of Zeus.
The Temple of Artemis.
The Mausoleum.
The Colossus.
And the Lighthouse.
Truthfully, they are almost identical to them, except their location, and the materials used to build them.
But concerning structure, and appearance they are 96% match.
The Great pyramids do indeed present more or less the same size, but depending on the size of the planet, their sizes change proportionally.
The Hanging Gardens are also bigger or smaller depending on the size of the planet, and are obviously filled with water and herbs native on the respective planet.
The Statue of Zeus is again, absolutely the same as the records show about the statue made by Phidias, albeit on some planets instead of an eagle other birds are being portrayed next to him.
The Temple of Artemis once more holds an amazing resemblance to the one on Earth, and most of them are still whole, filled with statues of creatures native to the planets.
The Mausoleum as well is almost an identical match, safe for materials, and the statues which are in the forms of native creatures.
The Colossus again, bears a frightening resemblance to the one from Earth, and it is built on two different smaller pieces of land, resembling Helios indeed, albeit each planet has the Colossus wielding a different weapon, having a different build, having a slightly different physiognomy.
And the Lighthouse is exactly the same as the one recorded on Earth, safe the materials used to build it.
What is even more frightening is that those planets that already present intelligent life show a similar path of development as humanity’s.
And more planets humanity discovers the more wonders they find.
Each similar, a bit different, but nonetheless extremely recognizable by any human who has read about the Seven Wonder of the Ancient world.
So what was this?
Was this a proof for something?
Or is this something like natural balance, as everything in a similar environment and conditions will tend to develop always in the same way?
Were the Seven Wonder…of the Universe? And not just Earth?
This discovery became the hot-topic for many researcher, for some for a  good reason, for others due to fear…
After all, who or what could spread the same architectural marvels all across the universe?…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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