I can’t believe I managed to find you

I awoke with my wrists hurting.
Groggily looking around, I find myself tied to a chair, in a dark and damp place.
I can’t see much, but for certain I am in an abandoned something.
I sighed.
I read one too many books, novels, and I watched one too many shows and movies, to know of this situation.
I have been kidnapped for some cliché reason.
I may have annoyed a mobster or I might have had some crazy lady fall for me?
Or maybe some monster wants my blood? Or maybe someone from the future came because they hate me?
Who knows, but I am kind of curious now to see which trope this is.
As I was musing about the possible reasons behind my kidnapping, a loud noise interrupted me.
It was a door opening.
“I can’t believe I managed to find you…
The one who causes The Fall…”
A voice murmured, as the lights flickered, being turned on, slightly binding me.
I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.
Thinking “So it’s the future cliché thingy…”
“Why are you laughing?
Do you find it amusing, learning that you caused something so tragic?
You really are evil…”
The voice said.
As my eyes got used to the light, I saw the owner of the voice.
A tall, lean, almost too thin woman, with sunken in cheeks, and bags around her eyes.
Her dark hair was long, and well-kept, but otherwise, it was clear she suffered a lot recently.
“You don’t look too good, lady, don’t you want to take a rest?”
I said.
She snorted.
“Glib tongued indeed, don’t bother, I won’t fall for your words.
The pain, and loss you caused will be stopped.
I shall kill you.”
She said.
I shrugged.
“Do it then.
I hope it’s not too much of a request, but make it quick.
Whilst I might seem nonchalant I am quite afraid of pain.”
I said.
I was sweating, slightly trembling, overall afraid.
But hey, my feet and hands were tied with something metallic, I wasn’t able to free myself unless I suddenly exerted the power of a monster.
And this lady wears clothes not from around here, her watch is certainly in her skin and not on her wrist, and her earrings are moving on their own…
She’s clearly from some different times, no reason to doubt her words.
But my words…
She was startled by them.
“You…you! What are you planning!?”
She screamed.
Damn, I must be a true monster, for her to fear and hate me this much.
“Well, I can’t escape, you show obvious signs of being from a much more advanced civilization, seeing your tech, so, why bother struggling?
Just do it painlessly, please.”
I said, sighing.
She just stared at me, as if I was ready to eat her alive.
“What now, lady?
Having second thoughts?
Well, I don’t blame you, killing must be hard, even if the reason is righteous.
Also, you might be not certain if you will actually stop…the whatever thing you are trying to stop.”
I said, knowing too well how hard time-travel is from the media I consumed about it.
“The Fall…I am trying to stop The Fall.
And what are you talking about?”
She asked.
“Well, you kill me, The Fall doesn’t happen let’s say, then you would have no reason to come back here.
Thus, I would still cause The Fall, you see? A simple time-paradox 101.”
I chuckled.
She frowned.
“Then, there would be the different timelines, dimensions, realities theories, which would mean, that your reality might be saved, but others would still end up terrible.
Then, there is the issue with your certainty of my involvement with The Fall.
Or maybe my death is the cause of The Fall, not me actively and directly, who knows?
Time travel is fun and interesting, but damn complicated.”
I laughed, trying to ease my nerves with some jokes.
She just continued frowning, but I could see her trembling, tears in her eyes.
She must be quite conflicted.
And now, I remembered what she said.
“You can’t believe you managed to find me…
You were prepared to fail your mission…and live your life here…in the past…”
I murmured.
She shook, and bit her lip, before hitting me with something metallic, and everything went dark for me.
When I awoke once more, I was free, in the middle of the garbage dump just outside the city.
I survived I guess.
I was relieved, and happy, but also…confused.
I am but a simple elementary school psychiatrist, the hell can I do to cause an apocalypse like event that requires time travel to kill me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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