Is there something wrong?

I looked outside the window, marveling at the towering trees dancing in the wild wind.
It was truly a wonder.
The trees were taller than skyscraper buildings back on Earth, and they were decorated with leaves that shone with metallic light, in a myriad colors.
Yes, this is not Earth anymore, I transmigrated on a different planet, and maybe even a different universe.
Here wondrous sights and creatures are the norm.
Snaking mountains that move ever so slightly on a daily basis, trees that birth fruits that can increase lifespan, lakes and rivers that are deeper than the oceans back home, and many more.
And the creatures…they are magnificent, as all the different races and species one can read and find out about in a fantasy novel or a mythology anthology can be seen here.
This world was one of magic and swords, and it was divided into four.
There were three almost endless continents, masses of lands that were filled with everything one could imagine, each being ruled by an Empire, and there was the Ocean Dweller’s Empire, that was formed by countless kingdoms and tribes.
These 4 forces were ruling everything and over everyone.
This world was ruled by the laws of the jungle, the strong dictated, and the weak just tried to survive.
Obviously, the rich and influential had a head start, thus their status was always higher, same as their strength, but there were plenty grassroots origin powers.
Not that I cared.
I was powerful enough with my blessings, as I got some cheats, after all, that’s how transmigration works right?
Well, actually, it’s more because my soul is not from this place, thus it’s blessed by two planets at the very least, and add to that the blessing of the person or deity that brought me here, my soul evolves much faster.
I know this because my blessings are also knowledge related.
After all, I used to be a researcher back on Earth.
It was quite peaceful in this place I found for myself.
I lived in a wooden mansion in the heart of a wild mountainous range filled with forests.
It was the turf of several druids whom I befriended, and I have been living here for half a century…without aging a day.
Lovely to have a longer lifespan, having time to research all these magnificent creatures, and plants, and so many other organisms.
Even now, I was studying the eggs of a certain mountain tortoise, that said that she could no longer feel life-force in them.
And it has been happening for the last 3 decades with her nests of eggs.
Just as I was identifying a strange dust left on the eggs, knocking could be heard at the door.
I sighed, and went to open it.
I wasn’t expecting anyone today.
“If it’s urgent, I can heal ya’ll in the backyard, if not, I am quite busy…”
I said, opening the door, but what greeted me was no beast, nor creature, but a human.
Well, a woman would be the correct way to address her.
She was tall, with golden flowing hair, and she was dressed in a pure white priestess garb.
“I am an Oracle of the Prime Goddess, Her Holiness and the Church of Golden Light wishes to know, why aren’t you doing your duty?”
She said, with a serene, sweet yet emotionless voice.
I scratched my head.
“Sorry, but is there something wrong with ya’ll?
Duty? I am not hired by any organization, nor have I fathered some kids, so I don’t think I have any duty, other than being a nice, kind and good-mannered fella.”
I said, inviting her in.
She didn’t budge.
“I wish not to see your abode, Chosen One, but wish to tell you, the world is suffering, the four Empire’s tyranny is at its peak.
Your duty is that of a freedom fighter, liberate the souls from the vicious cycle of power, and return them to the embrace of the Prime One!”
She said, almost as a prayer.
I wondered if she would love some tea, but I guessed not, so I just smiled.
“Lass, I don’t care about that.
The world is relatively at peace with no big war being fought.
The nobles are tyrannical but there is a resemblance of law and order in the Empires, even though sadly, slavery does exist, nobles and merchants aren’t allowed to enslave citizens be them homeless, or poor.”
I said.
She was disgusted by my statement.
“I know of you, Timothy of a foreign planet, I saw your life in my visions.
Your world is one of ultimate freedom, how can you tolerate this tyranny, when you know you have the power to change it!”
She exclaimed, but yet again, I felt no true emotion from her.
I just sighed.
“This is my world now, little one.
And I have been healing people and beasts, left and right.
I cured a couple diseases, and stopped a few plagues.
I do what I can, and feel like doing.
Saving the world?
That’s a job for everyone, and not a single individual.
Sorry for the trouble, but there is nothing wrong here, so please, either enjoy a tea with me, or leave.”
I said, leaving her in front of my door, as I turned back, ready to make myself a tea…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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