A genie’s story

I was cleaning the old antiques my grandpa collected, when I came across it.
It was a bottle of a wonderful design, and masterful craft.
It was as if twisted whilst the glass was still hot, and it’s color was that of a perfectly serene night-sky: dark blue, intertwined with silver, golden and red touches.
It’s head was closed by an intriguing cap, that I just couldn’t open.
Defeated, I continued cleaning it, until…it started to shake.
An explosion of smoke ensued, filled the entire room.
The smoke was fiery red, with streaks of amethyst flashing on and off.
Soon, it contracted, and in front of me stood a tall figure of a woman.
She was wearing dresses often seen in the extremely hot climates, see-through, silken and barely covering what needed to be covered.
But I was not dazzled, nor enchanted, for I was curious and afraid…
She was not a human, that was clear from her red skin, amethyst hair and black engravings drawn all across her skin.
“Are you…a genie?”
I whispered.
“Indeed, that I am.
One of the Djinn, a spirit of old and new, a being far from your dimension mortal.
But this one has been bound, and by oath I am required to fulfill my prison’ master’s three wishes.
Now, mortal one, tell me, what is it that you desire?”
She said, with a voice as sweet as candy, as sharp as a knife’s edge.
I grew up with grandpa, after a sad affair with my parents…
And grandpa was enthralled with mythology and history, after all, he was a teacher of such fields.
I knew a lot about supernatural entities, but all of those were stories we, humans have written.
Now, with such a treasure in front of me, I knew what I wanted.
“I wish for you to tell me your story.”
I said.
The genie looked at me bewildered.
“That is your wish, mortal?
Not riches, women, power, immortality?”
She asked.
“I still have two wishes for that, but for now, I am curious about you, and your kind.”
I said.
She smiled.
“Your wish is my command.
My story is a simple one, as a Djinn, I come from a higher dimension, where time, reality, space and the laws of the universe are pure, and are out in the open.
Interacting with them is how we Djinn grow and mature.
I was one of the spirits of metal, born out of the love of ores, steel and rocks, and those laws are the dearest to me.
Thus I have an affinity towards material wealth, which is sought after by mortal and immortals alike, and because of that, I have been captured, and used as a mere hunter dog, seeking out treasures of the planets..
This bottle been my prison for millennia, thankfully, no mortal or immortal can outlast us, Djinns.”
She said.
“You said a lot and yet said nothing, but if you consider this to be your story, my wish is fulfilled, am I right?
Quite tricky, as the stories tell.”
I chuckled, as the genie stopped talking, and looking at me with a “that’s all folks” look.
“Your second wish, Master?”
She asked.
I shrugged.
“Not now, maybe later, until then, how about we talk a bit about what kind of mortals and immortals are in this realm I inhabit.”
I said.
“Is that a wish?”
She retorted.
“No, just a proposal.
You can join or not the conversation, I will talk anyway.”
I said laughing, as I brought out grandpa’s old books.
She was intrigued, and sat down next to me, eagerly reading the books about her people…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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