Come on! Is it really hard to believe?

As I was deeply enthralled by an ancient book found at some ruin of the Eternal Kingdom, a shriek pierced the silence.
Someone has been sent far away once more by a trap I have laid.
This is getting tiresome, to be honest.
Countless knights, warriors, clerics, mages, wizards, sorcerers, and Gods’ Chosen, have come my way to try and defeat me, imprison me, or simply…kill me.
And why do they keep doing that?
Because I am a warlock.
I know, I know, warlocks are indeed magic users contracted to some deity, or supernatural entity, and most of the warlocks do research body, blood, dark and curse magic.
But seriously…
We aren’t all murderous bastards whom would kill millions in order to test out a spell.
I personally enjoy the research of different dimensions, and the possibility of making dreams, or virtual realities, real.
I know, I know, these are all dangerous topics, but I am researching them, not experimenting with them.
At least not yet…
But being constantly sought by the “righteous” forces of the world, an experiment would truly be dangerous.
The slightest disturbance could cause irreparable damages to the space, to the dimension we are living in.
That is to say, I don’t deny the dangers the knowledge and powers I have acquired after contracting with my patron.
But my patron is not evil, whilst being an Eldritch Being, they are simply hard to comprehend, not evil by nature.
Their affinity is that of dreams, reality and time, all extremely powerful concepts, but none of them require any sacrifices.
But because of their domain, my patron was always connected to us mortals, thus they understand us more than others, and since they feed upon dreams, actions and overall simply time, they never needed to actively feed upon us.
After all, we all age, we all interact with reality, and we all dream.
And yet, I am seen as the supreme evil warlock of our era.
Seriously, even other warlocks seek me out, trying to learn from me how to conquer the world?
Like, Hello, are you really that stupid?
I am living on a barren planet, filled with the harshest environments, reading and collecting anything related to my area of expertise.
That’s it.
Why do they think I am up to no-good?
I even allowed people from the “righteous” faction enter my humble abode, to see my research.
Which is extremely unusual to do, and showed my desire to show them that I am not a danger to them.
Some of them even stole some of my papers…
Thankfully, all the documents are written with a mixture of special ink and my blood, so they all dematerialize after being a certain distance from me.
But even after all those times…
They still don’t believe me, and I am considered in the top 10 most dangerous villains…
Come on, is it so hard to believe that both my patron and I are pacifist?
Seeking nothing more than knowledge.
Seriously, my patron talks to me on a daily basis because I am their only believer…
Can an Eldritch Being that showcases clear signs of loneliness, and sadness be a monster?
Come on…
Prejudice much?
As I was mulling over this, another scream was heard…
I sighed.
“Maybe I should just create a dreamworld and continue my research there…”
I murmured, writing down my future plans….

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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