Heroes’ reason for the no-kill policy

The world was chaotically peaceful.
Whilst the villains always tried to destroy, conquer or just do whatever they wanted, the heroes always managed to stop them.
The daily life was risky, but since everyone had a modicum of power in them, it wasn’t necessarily deathly.
Just as my family and I were having breakfast and watching the TV, a news report came in, as a villain escaped from prison, killing dozens of guards.
I looked at my dad.
“That was your last week’s catch, wasn’t it?”
I asked.
He nodded sighing.
“They always escape, research and development of proper imprisonment materials, and techniques should be prioritized.”
My elder sister chimed in.
“Don’t worry, your father or one of his colleagues will surely catch the villain, again.”
Mom smiled.
I just sighed.
“Why don’t we just kill them?
Well, not all of them, but at least those we know have killed repeatedly.”
I said what was on my mind for a while.
The heroes’ no-killing policy cost so many lives, I always wondered what was going on…
Law enforcement, and the military can kill enemies and criminals … why can’t heroes?
My dad, one of the top 50 heroes worldwide, just shook his head.
“You are already an apprentice-hero, even though you want to work with numbers, and figures, your mind is more than mature already.
You already know the difference between villains and heroes, so why ask such questions?”
He said.
“They have no morals to speak of, and they are selfish.
That doesn’t mean that all of them are killers, or kidnappers, or rapists and so on, true, but we know of those who certainly are and maybe even worse criminals.
Why can’t we heroes use deadly force against them?”
I continued.
“Because the heroes’ softness is what keeps the villains in check.”
My mom chimed in.
I tilted my head, countless simulations running.
“So, we don’t kill them, as to not trigger their survival instincts.
Pushing them too much could make them even more…unruly?”
I murmured.
My mom, sister, and dad smiled.
“Exactly, you are young, Theodore, and extremely intelligent and wise, but you lack experience.
Once a villain knows there is no escape out, you saw on TV what can happen.
Attacking civilians, attacking the infrastructure, attacking without a care with bombs, poison, acid or more.
And that is with the certainty that only their freedom will be lost, not life.
Now imagine if the daily fights became death-or-life battles?”
My father said.
I paled at that.
Villains had no guilt, remorse from the get-go, if they didn’t have that slight hope of surviving due to the heroes’ pity…then…
“They would become true monsters…”
I murmured.
My family just nodded, and we continued our breakfast.
The reason for the no-kill policy is valid, thus I solved one of the mysteries I always thought about…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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