Welcome to Hell, I will be thy guide

I awoke to the crackling of the wood, and smell of meat being cooked.
I struggled to sit up, and looking around, I found a log to support my body on.
Looking towards the source of heat, and fragrance, I saw a purple fire burning brightly, as a humongous calf of a creature was being roasted over it.
In front of the fire sat an elderly wizened man, whose wrinkles, and grey hair told a great story about his age.
He smiled at me warmly.
“Finally awake, young traveller?
I really thought that the mist got you.”
He laughed, as he cut a piece of meat with his knife, and threw it at me.
I warily caught it, but my rumbling stomach triumphed over my rationality, and I took a bite.
It was delicious.
I asked, my voice so coarse I barely recognized it.
“Yes, yes, The Mist, quite mist-erious, haha!
Jokes aside, the Mist is simply ashes of burnt matter, combined with the souls too weak to take on a form here.”
He said.
“W-w-Where is here?”
I asked, the heat starting to get me.
The old man just laughed, and threw a flask at me.
Again, against all rational thoughts, I drank a big gulp.
“You are in Hell, youngling, don’t panic though.
You are but a traveller, young one, chosen to walk the lands of Hell, for a reason.”
He said.
“Why am I in Hell?
Does this mean that I am dead?”
I asked.
“Yes, you are “dead”, but not for long, and not completely.
Your soul is very much alive, as you can see, you can eat and drink.
Death is but just a part of the journey, young one.
And as for why you are here…hmm, who knows, Fate, or a bigshot’s decision, who cares.
The main thing is that since your soul is completely untainted even after eating my food, and drinking my water, it means you are not meant to stay here.”
He laughed.
If I was meant to be here, your food would have shackled me to Hell?”
I asked.
“Yes, seems like you heard a legend or two about this place.”
He nodded.
I was flabbergasted.
I didn’t know if I should be angry or not…
After all, maybe this is how a soul is trapped in Hell..
But now, I was to roam here?
And I was…dead?
How? Why?
I had so many questions…
“Who are you?”
I asked him.
He smiled.
“Formal introductions are needed, finally.
Welcome to Hell, I shall be thy guide.”
He said, standing up and bowing slightly.
He put out the fire, and somehow made the huge piece of meat disappear.
“Haha! Don’t worry, I just put it away.
We can savour it whenever you want to.
Come, there are many places to visit…”
He said, leaving…
I stood up, and found I had strength again.
I sighed, and started following him, hoping my journey won’t be too bothersome, but hearing the screams, and seeing the scenery, I didn’t have high hopes in this regard…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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