Family will be family

Damn, not even when facing the pain, anger and wrath of the full-moon have I trembled like this…
Then, a cold touch brought me back to my senses.
My girlfriend…fiancé was holding my hands, and smiling at me reassuringly.
I sounded the doorbell.
The seconds passed, and I could hear my heartbeat echo, and I gripped my girlfriend’s hand tighter.
The door opened, and the light drowned the darkness.
My father stood in the doorway, towering as usual, but this time…he wasn’t that inspiring.
We were of the same height, actually, it seems I was a bit taller…
So many years have passed…
He stared at us with his unshakeable gaze, not saying a word.
My fiancé smiled, and greeted him, but he just continued to stare at us…
Until he was pushed…well, thrown out of the way, by mom…and big sis, who rushed out and hugged us, before dragging us in.
“They are lovely…”
My fiancé whispered, as we were dragged into the living room.
There, we sat down on the couch, while my mum and sister left, with father sitting in front of us on the armchair, watching us.
It was…stifling.
I knew that my grandparents are here as well…
The smells are so nostalgic…
Father’s cologne, and slightly burnt smell as he was constantly in his forge…
Mother’s and sister’s perfume, and the smell of various foods, as both are foodies…
Grandfather’s steely smell, and grandmother’s sweet fragrance…
It was so familiar, and that’s why I was terrified.
I knew my family.
I knew myself…
I still don’t know if I made the right choice of coming here, but my love’s smile, and her hands coldness made it bearable.
I sighed.
My grandfather…
He was a great monster hunter.
His family has been in this business for generations.
I grew up running around his house, where books about creatures of the night, of nightmares were explained in great detail, down to anatomically accurate diagrams.
In his basement he had countless trophies put on a display, alongside with a myriad different weapons and concoctions.
He was always proud of his occupation, so imagine his anger when father decided to become a blacksmith and a scholar…
His only son left his heritage behind…
Then, he turned his attention towards my sister and I.
My sister hunts from time to time, but grandfather was always focused on me, as I always had a keen sense of danger, and good reflexes…
So, imagine his disappointment when I ran away from home, and they heard of the news that I have been bitten by a werewolf…
And here I am now, with my vampire girlfriend, intending to invite them to our wedding…
I felt as if I was in Hell, once cold, once hot.
As the clock on the wall ticked, I finally heard his heavy footsteps.
My mum and sister entered with a tray of goodies, with my grandparents in tow.
My grandma, as always, was a petite woman, with a sweet smile plastered on her face.
She came to us, and hugged, kissed us, and asked us all the nicest questions ever.
My grandfather just looked at us, then at father, whom just sighed, stood up.
He just looked at me, then at Elise, and we waited.
He walked up to me, and I stood up.
He still towered over me, and despite being in his 70s his arms looked as logs.
“Boy, you are too big and hairy to sit on this old man’s knees, but you aren’t too big to give him a hug, are you?”
He laughed.
I was shocked, and if Elise wouldn’t have pinched my leg, I would have just stared silly at him.
I hugged him, and he hugged me back, cracking my back.
“Boy, finally you put on some muscle, doesn’t matter how.
Have you found a pack? Do you have a supplier for raw meat? Do you have enough wolfsbane to keep in check the transformation? Are you a full or a semi werewolf type?
Really nasty of you, not writing to your family, and coming back just after you have found such a jewel of a lass.”
He patted me all over, checking me for wounds, just as he did when I was kid after training…
After that, he offered some Blood Wine for Elise, and ask her all sorts of questions…
“Grandpa, you aren’t anything as we expected you to be.”
Elise giggled.
As I nodded.
“Just because I am a hunter I will hate you? Or what did you think?
All my trophies are monsters whom killed and terrorized people on the record.
Never have our family hunted randomly, nor will we.
We are people, not some monsters.”
He boomed in laughter.
“But this…
A Child of the Moon, and a Daughter of the Night…
Good, good pairing!
When will the great-grandkids be coming?!”
He laughed, as grandma took him off of us, and we entered the dining room, where a feast awaited…
Prepared for both humans, werewolves and vampires…
As we walked in, my father passed me.
“Welcome home…son.
The family…missed you.”
He said, going to his seat.
I felt my eyes getting itchy…
It seems I have been wrong…
Family will be family in this household…no matter what happens…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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