Why must the immortal be ephemeral first?

Time in the afterlife is strange.
It is not linear, nor is it chaotic.
We can count time as we did when we were alive, but it doesn’t really matter, for it’s different.
The oldest living beings in the afterlife might actually be from your future when you were living.
Thus is how I learnt it, as an angel by Metatron’s side.
And as I learnt, the more questions I had.
So, I asked my mentor, but he never answered, for he was too busy recording knowledge from past, present and future.
Thus I started accumulating more and more merit, and when I gathered enough, I checked in my reward.
A 1-on-1 meeting with God.
Well, with an avatar of Theirs.
Entering Their Holy Hall, I found a mass of light and energy floating in the middle of it, taking different forms.
Sometime They were objects, sometimes living beings.
I didn’t know how to address Them.
“Zuriel, what clouds your mind these days?”
They suddenly spoke.
The voice sounded both here, in the present, but it spoke to me both like a memory and as future’s vision.
“I am confused.
Our souls, whether we live the lives meant for us or something else, are eternal.
Why do we need to live first, then die, before coming here?
Why can’t we start in the afterlife?
Why must we live in a mortal realm?
Why the eternal must be ephemeral first?”
I asked.
“Eternity is not for everybody Zuriel, you know that very well.
How many souls disintegrate after losing the fight against it?
How many souls get corrupted and become entities not welcome in Heaven nor Hell?
How many of the souls struggle to find a meaning to such a long life?
Thus, We’ve made a trial.
The mortal life.”
They’ve answered.
“But there is such a big difference…
In the afterlife, we can study so much more, feel so much more, see and travel so much more…”
I said.
“And yet, the mortal life is still overwhelming for most of you children.
Eternal or minute, life is life, with the same dilemmas, same joys and sorrows, simply put in a different package, different context.
If you find your own way whilst being mortal, your Eternity shan’t be a complete torture.”
They chuckled.
I understood then.
Even I, whom is a soul from a faraway future of mankind, where we were nigh-immortal, and defeated diseases, and calamities, suffered…a lot…and learnt a lot through that.
So did those ancestors of mine who fought with sticks and stones…
We aren’t that different after all…
“We are of one source, and of the same destination…
So this is what the engraving on the Gates mean…
Thank You.”
I said leaving.
“No, We thank you.”
They said, as I left the Hall.
It seems like my question was unwarranted.
The eternal must first be ephemeral for a simple reason, as eternity can’t be without the minute, so can’t the immortal life be lived without experiencing the mortal one…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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