Sigh, I can’t do it

I just arrived out of town, at the first big crossroads of ours.
Coming here on foot wasn’t the best choice, at my age especially, but it was worth it.
Seeing the streets I grew up…seeing the change I have brought…
I am happy.
Before I left, I left a letter to my husband, my kids, and grandkids, telling them not to worry, I was called by an old friend, and left on a visit.
If they call me, a recorded message will play, telling them details, and not to worry.
Roughly two weeks later, said friend will tell them, that I sadly passed away.
That friend will arrive shortly after my current task is over.
I looked at my watch.
One minute until midnight.
The sky was clear, the stars and moon shone brightly, and a gentle spring breeze accompanied me as I walked around the crossroads.
As soon it turned midnight, a sigh was heard, and I turned around to face a tall young man.
He was just as I remembered.
Tall, short golden hair, wearing a royal blue three-piece suit, with a red tie.
His eyes were of the deepest green, and even while sighing and shaking his head in pity, that devilish smirk never disappeared.
“It’s good to see you…Satan.”
I said.
He chuckled.
“You are one of the few people who willingly come out to meet me, and one of the few people who actually mean those words.
Rose, how are you?”
He asked.
“Can’t complain, albeit at 90 years old, aches are something more normal than breathing.”
I said, chuckling.
“True, your contract was and is one of the weirder ones…
Gave you quite the time to enjoy your mortal life.”
He said, sitting down on a cloud of smoke that appeared from nowhere.
“So, now what?
You take my soul, and my friend finds my body here, as I planned, or will my body disappear as well.”
I asked.
Sigh, I can’t do it Rose.
He said, shaking his head.
“What do you mean you can’t?”
I asked.
“I can’t take your soul, nor will you die anytime soon.
Well, many humans will die in the following years, but afterwards, the life expectancy will skyrocket, and you will live for centuries.”
He said, laughing.
“What are you talking about?
I am a woman of honor.
I signed the contract, I enjoyed the benefits of it, now it’s time to pay.”
I said.
“Normally, no matter how many lives you saved with your wish, I would still have a claim over your soul, as you said, you signed the contract willingly.
But, times are changing, the planet’s and universe’s fate is changing, and by coincidence or not, it is entangled with yours.
Long story short, if I don’t want to anger those three elder and younger sisters of mine, I shall let you go.
Well, I already burnt your contract, so you are free.
Bye Rose.”
He said, disappearing.
I stood there, slightly shivering.
No matter how brave I am, death is still…scary.
Hell…even more.
But somehow…I managed to escape, and gained knowledge about the future.
Now, I have another goal in sight…to prepare for it….

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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