The place that is, but isn’t

Amongst the myriad marvels of the vast multiverse, there are plenty of places where logic, and the laws that govern the very existence of everything are skewed.
From islands that shifted through the dimensions…
Through all the rivers that flowed upwards defying gravity…
Through the cold flames that were freezing ones blood from thousands of kilometers away…
Through planets that were alive….
And to many more hard to explain or unexplainable phenomena, there was one that was considered the most mysterious.
This was the place between places.
The space outside of space.
The one where time flew outside of the River of Time.
The place that is but isn’t.
It was a place that not even the experts that created universes could find.
It was a place which didn’t exist, until…
Until one found themselves in it.
Mostly lost wanderers, and escapees were the ones managing to end up in this place.
Running, walking aimlessly, just hoping to find a place where they can stop and rest in peace is seemingly the way to the place that is but isn’t.
The ones who managed to find it recount being in a beautiful meadow, illuminated by a powerful violet moonlight, nearby, with  a lake, and small river crossing into a dense forest.
They feel at peace there, yet uneasy.
They can drink the water, and eat some fruits, but they can’t damage the trees, grass or ground at all.
After spending one night or day, or weeks, or months, years, as one can’t know what time is it there, they find themselves in a random location.
Sometimes, they have found themselves in complete different dimensions and universes.
Thus it is hard to say what the place between places is or isn’t.
One thing that the multiverse is sure is that it can’t hold a living being for too long, other than plants.
Why do they dare to say such a thing as “being sure” about such a mysterious place?
Because since countless eras ago, when the place was first documented, nobody…
Absolutely nobody has mentioned seeing a living being there.
This fact, coupled with the eventual ejection of anyone there, and the uneasy feeling one experiences, lead to this conclusion.
But how wrong they are.
The place that is but isn’t is an accumulation of all that is, was, will be and won’t be.
It’s a place of possibilities and impossibilities colliding.
And the moment something is deemed impossible there it will become possible, and when it is deemed possible, it will become impossible.
How do I know so much about it?
And why am I so concerned about this place, and these statements about it?
That’s because I was born it.
The place that is but isn’t is my home…
And for what I am?
I don’t know…
For as long as I can remember, I never left it.
Nor did I saw anyone.
Maybe I am the same as the place, both existing and not at the same time…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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