No more Hell

As Lucifer was leisurely enjoying some wine he “bought” from some human, and watching the great ashen plains of Hell, a stairways of light appeared in his study.
He just sighed, and straightened himself.
A young looking middle-aged man came down the stairs, with a warm smile.
He greeted.
Lucifer nodded as a greeting.
“How are you doing, son?”
God asked.
“Well, besides the fact that I have to supervise all evil souls’ torment for eternity, and take care that Hell just barely interacts with the mortal realms, and not breaks into them, I am good thanks.
And you?
Still happy with omnipotence, omniscience and the “everybody is innately good” philosophy?”
Lucifer said.
“I see that your demons are increasing in variety and number, and the souls turning into demons are actually happy to do so.
Son, you did a good job down here.”
God smiled.
Lucifer on the other hand frowned.
Dad…spit it out man, you know I can’t lie, I know you can’t lie, don’t beat around the bush.”
Lucifer sighed exasperatedly.
“There is this beautiful planet, filled with oceans, lakes, forests and lakes.
No plains, no deserts, only two seasons, something like spring and something like a mix of autumn and winter.
It’s filled with delicious fruits and herbs that can most likely satisfy a gourmet like you, Samael…”
God started.
“Are you firing me or what, old man?”
Lucifer asked.
“Well, let’s just say that Hell, and its demons, and you, its caretaker won’t be needed anymore.”
God said.
At this Lucifer started to laugh.
His laughter boomed, shaking Heaven, Hell and Earth, echoing through the realms.
He snapped his fingers, and a travelling bag appeared in his hand, as several demons poured into the room.
“Show me to that planet old man, it’s about time I took an official vacay.”
Lucifer said.
“Samael, you took this so well, you really matured.”
God laughed as well.
“Like Hell, well…we will need to figure out a new saying after Hell is no more.
I always knew my demons will become obsolete after seeing how well humans can torture themselves.
And also, dad, you disappoint me, I thought you knew me well enough, I wouldn’t throw a direct tantrum anyway.
I would go away, and create Hell once more somewhere else.
P.S: I might do it anyway, bye!”
Lucifer said, as he entered a crack in the space behind God.
God chuckled and started to ascend the stairways, behind him, Hell started to turn to dust…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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