I am not a druid!

You know, all dragons have a hoard is not a stereotype but a fact.
We enjoy collecting the things we love, and yes, you have read that right, the things we love.
Not shiny things, well…not only those, but anything that we find worthwhile keeping around.
Most dragons indeed, hoard wealth, be it gold, treasures, ores, precious herbs, weapons, books or other peculiar artifacts.
But I am a bit different.
Because of my hoard, the other races, and sometimes even my fellow brethren think that I am…
I am a goddamn Druid!
Okay, I indeed am a Wood Elemental Dragon, and whilst I have a good relation with the elves…
Seriously, I am a dragon, a pure blood one, older than some forests, and people think I am a druid!
First of all, in my humanoid form I am a female taller than the tallest draconian, with horns, and a scaly tail…
Not a druid trait by the way, as most druids have mammals or birds as spirit animals, rarely reptiles.
So why are they always misidentifying me as a druid?
Well, as most older and stronger dragons tend to have, I also have my own plane, where I keep my hoard.
This plane of mine is simply a piece of space I ripped from the void’s edges, and slowly nurtured it.
The peculiar thing is…
That my plane is full of life, and it is more or less a big forest, filled with mountains, lakes and rivers.
My hoard consists of that life…
I love all forms and manners of critters, animals, beasts, herbs, plants, trees and mushrooms…
I don’t know how it started, but I started caring for such beings in the Primordial forest where I was born.
So, yes, I often tend to creatures, be it them part of my hoard or not.
And yes, I often heal creatures, and environments as a whole, as well…I am a goddamn Wood Elemental Dragon, that’s my goddamn nature!
And yes, I might have created a couple sanctuaries on the planet where my people take care of animals, grow rare herbs, and offer a place to rest and hide at for those in need.
And while yes, it does seem as a druid behaviour.
I just love taking care of living beings, be it animals or plants!
I am not a druid!
I love taking in more and more creatures, especially the rare ones, but I don’t restrict their freedom.
I just offer them a safe place to live, to reproduce.
I almost can say that I have a small beast empire growing in my plane.
It makes me happy to see almost extinct species making a comeback!
Ahem, again, that is because I am a Wood Elemental Dragon, and they are my hoard!
I am not a druid!

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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