Lord of Sloth

The political scene of Hell is complex, it’s hierarchy  scrambled and yet clear cut.
Each demonic species has its tribe, each tribe its chief, queen or king, depending on its size.
Above them are demon lords of various nature, then sovereigns, gods and ancestors.
But there are seven outliers to this.
The Seven Deadly Sins demons are called Lords yet they are above, and yet below all this hierarchy.
Some worship them more than they do their own gods or ancestors, some fear them, some ignore them.
In this hierarchy of demons, power is everything, and that’s how you get your title…
But the Seven got their titles simply due to being the incarnations of the sins.
They are chosen by the sins, and they hold the title until someone much more suitable appears.
Acquiring the title of Lord of a sin instantly makes the chosen soul powerful beyond imagination, but it all depends on the user on how well they can use that power.
And even amongst the sins, the number of representatives varies.
Wrath, Pride, and Greed, the most famous ones, are the ones who also change the most often.
But there is one Sin that has been represented by the same individual ever since time immemorial.
The sin of Sloth.
He was a man of average build, sandy skin, extremely dark hair, and beard.
He was the only one of the Seven with no real faction supporting him.
There were many who considered themselves as demons of the Sloth branch, but nobody really helped, or interacted with Sloth himself.
Because Sloth was usually off somewhere relaxing.
No barrier could stop him.
He travelled the multiverse, ironically, he travelled more than any other demon, in search of the perfect spot to relax.
And he did find a multitude of such places, where he usually slept, got massages from constructs of his own will, and ate the finest food he would teleport from Imperial Feasts.
If someone managed to find him, they would find the Lord of Sloth sleeping, or just gazing into the void.
Not a thought in sight.
But he wasn’t less intelligent for his laziness, oh no, he was a genius.
He knew how to act as little as possible, in order to laze around the most.
Nor did he care about others finding him.
If you were close enough to see him, you were already in the area of his powers, thus making you a non-threat.
Closer you were to Sloth, the more lazy, lethargic one became.
And that was just his presence, which accumulated for so long, as he was never reborn.
Sloth the Sin and the Lord of the Sloth are almost one and the same now, which can’t be said about the others.
The sins empower individuals who are fit and perfect incarnations of what the sins represent, but the sins never gave out the entirety of their powers…
Well, not usually…
Sloth was the perfect representation of his sin for so long, that now, it is hard to discern which is which, who is the sin and who is the representation of the sin.
In rare moments when he engages in a conversation, he answers all questions truthfully, for he cares not to try to lie.
Thus is the Lord of Sloth, a being of unimaginable powers, and knowledge, breath of mind, whom cares not about anything at all, but the comfiest places in existence…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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