Making the best out of it

Lucas used to be the best merchant of the Weeping Mountains Kingdom.
There was no ore he couldn’t sell as if it was celestial steel.
There was no rock he couldn’t find a use for.
There was no cold hearted individual he couldn’t win the trust of.
Alas, there was always a calamity waiting, inside a rain of blessings.
He was quick to be compared to a god, the God of Commerce, Wealth and Fortune.
Well, this sat well with Lucas, and not so well with the actual God of Commerce, Wealth and Fortune.
Thus, Lucas was cursed.
Any item, or gold he gives to another will cause the receiver to die.
Thus he was stopped from trading, after 3 big-shots died.
Thus he was stopped from selling as well, or buying, for his coins cause death as well.
The irony in this?
Lucas enjoys the curse.
He finally can become a cultivator, and start hunting, and training properly.
He had a method to strengthen himself, but that would have needed rare herbs and animals that not even his wealth could have afforded.
But now?
One coin thrown at a beast, and the moment it touches it, the beast is down for the count.
He throws his purse, and anyone who touches it dies.
It’s a bit tricky, but he has plenty of unusable gold so he can afford throwing multiple satchels.
Not even stealing his wealth is void of the curse, for he asked a friend for help, and that friend died stealing from Lucas.
It doesn’t matter if Lucas is giving something away voluntarily or not, as long as it was his once, it is affected by the curse.
But Lucas cares not.
He raises through the ranks, and soon steps onto a higher stage: wars between empires.
But this time, instead of trading supplies and weapons, he fights.
His rain of coins was deadly, literally, he managed to cultivate a magnetic technique, thus he was able to control his coins.
The moment his coin touched someone, and stuck to them for more than 5 seconds, they were considered the new owners of the coin, thus susceptible to the curse, and died.
He quickly rose through the ranks once more, and he was a valued subject for his kingdom, and then the Empire itself.
His powers were quickly analyzed, and since he was never shy about his curse, it became common knowledge.
He wasn’t simply talented, but also cursed.
When asked how could he still live his life so happily, and carefree, he always laughed.
“I can’t sell things, I can’t buy things, anything of mine is a dead sentence to others, true.
I might not be able to have a family, but eating, drinking is totally possible if I make due on my own.
I was punished due to my merchant activities, not as everything.
And to be fair, I think I am making the best out of it.”
He always said, with a huge smile on his face.
Indeed, Lucas grew quickly, and it was now a possibility that one day, he might stand on the same stage upon which the God who cursed him was…
His new moniker was also one closely related to his old one.
Master of Coins, rain of golden death…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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