Fateless One

Bartholomew was always the cast out.
Not in an aggressive way.
He was never bullied.
He was never mocked, made fun of, or anything of sorts.
He was simply…ignored, forgotten.
Even by the teachers, even by his parents, siblings…
If he wasn’t in sight, he was out of mind.
Obviously, he often tried to see the extent of this ignorance.
When he simply didn’t take an exam, he would just tell the teacher they forgot about him, and he would pass.
Not with a full grade, but he would pass.
If he kissed a girl, they would just sigh, and tell him not to do anymore, before never bringing it up again.
He never tried anything illegal, and lived his life peacefully.
But as years passed, and he seemed to be living in a different dimension than the others, he started to falter.
Once, he stole a bag of snacks, and a juice…and nothing happened.
Later, he went back to pay for it, and the clerk simply took the money, without even asking for what it was…
He started to calm down, but when his parents completely forgot about him, and didn’t remember him until he went back home, and they saw him, his heart broke.
He lived aimlessly, working for the sake of working, even wondering when the company will stop paying him…
Then one day, an even more miraculous thing happened…
While shopping, a robbery gone wrong, had him shot…
And the bullet just wiggled out of the wound, while he slowly healed.
He felt the pain.
The cops saw the blood.
The camera caught the entire thing, but no reaction was born out of it.
Bartholomew shut himself in a library, and started reading.
Mythology, legends, curses, anything occult related he got his hands on.
Unfortunately for him, this seemed to make his peculiarity stronger.
Now, even when he was in front of someone, they would find it hard to see him.
Even when touching him, they would quickly ignore the feeling.
It was as if the world itself was ignoring his existence.
He then sunk into a deep despair, and tried killing himself.
Shooting himself didn’t work.
Nor cutting.
Nor jumping into traffic.
Nor jumping off a cliff.
He felt the pain, some injuries took longer to heal, but nothing stuck.
He felt relieved that food, drinks and clothes stuck to him, otherwise he would truly go mad.
After these failures, he started to live his life once again.
But this time, he didn’t care.
He stole, he enjoyed whatever he wanted, whomever he wanted, and no consequence would arise.
As he lived, he realized another thing.
He didn’t age.
Even time seemed to forget about him.
He laughed at this, as he felt he should have guessed it.
If death is not coming for him, time shouldn’t either.
Centuries passed in complete debauchery, and not only that, but also a lot of reading.
He never gave up on finding out what he was…or what he had.
And one day, as blinding light rained down upon Earth, he found himself face to face with a tall blazing figure.
“A fateless one?
And such a strong one?
Kid, join my academy, and we will make you the ruler of this galaxy!”
The figure boomed, as he grabbed Bartholomew, but his grip loosened quickly.
Bartholomew just shook his head.
“Minor god, you underestimate my curse…”
He sighed, as he jumped upon the gods shoulders.
“But I accept your offer, take me out of here…”
He continued.
The god boomed with laughter, and left, ensuring Bartholomew that he would learn to make his presence known, and that there are plenty of powerhouses capable of acknowledging him…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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