Arrogant humanity

Due to the greed of certain individuals, the path towards Hell was opened, and the devil entered Earth.
The angels reacted, and so did those in of humanity in charge of the occult, but the Devil was lost, free to walk on Earth, amongst us.
The search was blazing, even the common folk heard and had their eyes open, for anything, anything strange at all.
Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and soon half a decade passed by, and yet no sign of the Devil, nor the End was in sight.
The search was never stopped, only intensified, and the world, while tense, it quickly returned to normalcy.
In a hidden paradise, a resort for those who see even the richest as mere children, a woman was relaxing, under the dexterous hands of a masseur.
The TV was on a music channel, but it was interrupted for the daily announcement of the fact that demons, monster and the Devil himself walks amongst us.
The masseur laughed.
“Lady Elle, what do you think about this?
Do you think we can find him?”
He asked.
The woman just snorted, and turned around.
The masseur quickly turned away, as the woman was naked.
She sat up and looked at the masseur, giggling.
“You are so shy, despite this being your job.”
She said.
The masseur turned around, and sighed.
“I don’t know why, Lady Elle, I apologize, usually it doesn’t affects me at all.”
The masseur said, sheepishly.
“I take it as a compliment, albeit I hate it that you all think the devil is a “He”.
“He” the greatest evil, The Devil himself.
Heh, as if an angel, fallen they might be, would have a problem in changing gender at will.”
The woman said.
“You think the devil wears the skin of a woman?”
The masseur gasped.
“Wears my ass.
The Devil has the skin of a woman.”
The woman laughed, as she countered her body.
The masseur gulped.
“Do you think he…she will destroy us?
I mean, we saw what destruction some normal demons could do…
I don’t dare to imagine what destruction the Devil might cause.”
The masseur said, trying to avert his attention and gaze.
The woman stood up, and now the masseur felt as if standing in the noon sun’s blaze, in a desert.
She was taller than him by half a head, and her body called to him as if an oasis in a barren land.
She walked up to him, and raised his chin.
“Little arrogant humanity, why would I deal with you, when you will destroy yourself anyway.”
She giggled, as she stole a kiss, before sauntering away.
The masseur was dazed, and didn’t understand what happened.
He cleaned the table, and gathered his supplies, leaving as well, but this day will haunt him for better or worse his entire life.
But not for a bad reason, for he didn’t know, no matter how sweet her kiss was, how charming and perfect her body was, she was…the Devil, whom now was in Finland, enjoying the renowned saunas…
In the sauna she was in, both men and women, old and young gawked at her, as she rested gingerly, the closest to the hot stones.
“Heh, demons…
Those are just dogs that managed to slip pass me, as I arrived.”
She murmured, as she purred and stretched, enjoying the heat, not caring what her actions caused in the others present…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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