Needed Chaos

In a swirling mass of stardust, bits of planets, and darkness, there was a hollow space, where a small floating island existed.
Upon the island, a cottage was built, and in it a middle-aged man was painting.
The painting was that of a galaxy, filled with colors, swirling, vibrant, but at the edges…it was absolute darkness, seemingly getting closer and closer, shaking things up.
Behind the middle-aged man, a woman suddenly appeared, kneeling.
She was dressed in all amethyst purple cloak, her algae green hair showing but a few strands out of her hood.
“Master, the others have convened a meeting.”
She said.
The middle-aged man’s brushwork didn’t stop.
“So, once again, they meet without me, huh?
Are they so afraid or have they really forgotten about my duties in the functioning of the realm.
Sigh, you see, Violet, this happens when you get so old, that your colleagues kids and grandkids become your new colleagues.”
The middle-aged man laughed, as he added the finishing touch to the painting.
“Nurturing Chaos.” was the name of the painting, and it was as if the colors of the galaxy got richer, the more the darkness pressured it.
Standing up, he dusted off his clothes.
He was wearing but a pair of grey pants, and a white shirt.
His grey short hair gave him a touch of time, yet his face was young.
“Let’s go, Violet, it’s about time I make a move.”
He said, leaving.
Violet followed him, just half a step behind.
In an instant the two were walking through the void, getting closer to a cluster of bright objects.
One might think, seeing the size of these objects that they were stars.
But no, they weren’t.
They were palaces.
The palaces of the Gods taking care of the laws that govern the universe.
One palace houses a Lord of a certain aspect of reality, and countless other gods, in charge with different tasks.
“They are getting more and more flashy.
Kids these days…”
The middle-aged man sighed, as he entered the center of the cluster.
There, hundreds of thrones of different shapes floated in a circle, each occupied by a Lord.
As these God Lords were arguing, and discussing about the issues of the universe, the middle-aged man walked in.
Suddenly, all discussions ceased.
“Please, don’t stop because of me, these are all very important discussions for the universe’s sake.”
The middle-aged man said, smiling, as he just stood right outside the circle made by the thrones.
Weren’t you retired?”
A goddess bathed in golden and blood red light asked.
“Ah, little Sarish, well, I never retired.
I did my job these past of cycles, just from the void.
After all, it’s not easy to find someone to replace me.”
The middle-aged man said.
“I know countless demons, and gods of darkness and death that would kill for your position.”
A god, blazing of cold and darkness said.
“Well, Noctis kiddo, I said “find” in general, not that nobody is willing.
Most people that want this position want it for the power and authority it gives, and most people that long for this position are frankly too violent for my taste.”
The middle-aged man chuckled.
“Like you hate violence, and bloodshed.”
A goddess covered in flames snorted.
“Senseless? Yeah, I abhor it.
You can antagonize me as much as you want, I came just to tell you that Chaos shall function as it always did.
Randomly, everywhere, in past, present and future all at the same time.”
He said, turning to leave.
“Old man, why don’t you just disappear?”
A god surrounded by armors and weapons asked.
“Without me, poor little Sarish would weaken, and so would all of you.
You are young and don’t know better, but ask your parents and great-grandparents, whom was the first to awaken from nothingness?
Ask them what’s the true nature of Chaos, and let me know.”
The middle-aged man smiled.
“You are just making everything worse.”
A goddess who had flowers and birds dancing around her said.
“Yes, I make everything worse for the better of all of it.
As without the cold night, the heat of the sun would be less appreciated, and as without the knowledge of the cruelty of wars, peace would seem just too ordinary, that’s how reality would be without chaos: stale, stagnant, devolving.
Chaos is needed, and it is up to the living to decide what to make of it.”
The middle-age man laughed, as he disappeared.
Violet was waiting for him, and the two walked back to his realm, where he started painting once more.
This time, it seemed as multiple galaxies were surrounded by darkness, as it seeped slowly in.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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