Dragon Shelter

It’s quite interesting, the world we live in.
We have beasts, and kings and queens amongst them all are the dragons.
These beasts are the strongest and wisest by far, and yet…
How can it be that they are both at the peak and at the bottom, being pets for the other races?
It’s baffling.
Alas, it’s normal.
The young of the dragons are extremely rowdy, extremely curious, extremely gullible, while the adults and mature dragons are aloof, content with just existing, and thinking about things we mortals can’t comprehend.
A dragon once told me that he was able to take glimpse of the past and future in his dreams, that’s why he got stronger when he slept, and that’s why he loved sleeping too much.
I laughed, and called him lazy, but truth be told, he was a Dragon King.
But now…
My old days of travelling and meeting with dragons are over, and here I am, taking care of the dragons of nobles, royals and the rich.
And today, the Crown Prince youngling came to my establishment, with an elderly dragon.
This dragon served the imperial family for 3 centuries, just right before my birth.
My life is long, but I am still a mortal, don’t get it wrong.
“Why have you brought Xelefar to us?
He is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.”
I said, as I nodded to the dragon.
The dragon nodded back, and went ahead, entering one of our caves.
“You run a dragon shelter, don’t you?
Take him in.”
The crown prince snorted.
“Yes, Your Highness, but this shelter is for the younglings, orphans and for elderly who are in their decaying years.
We also take care of the ill dragons, and temporarily take care of dragons until their owners come back.
But Xelefar is perfectly healthy, old, but healthy, he could live decades if not more in the habitat of his choice, why not let him go free?”
I said.
The attendees of the prince looked at me with disdain.
“You are a mere caretaker, who are you to question His Highness’ decision?”
One of them shouted.
“You do realize that dragons are willingly your pets, because by nature, they learn faster from others, than from their own, right?
Especially since they think each dragon should have their own path.
Xelefar is the youngest brother of the Northern Dragon King, that dragon is a real piece of work, so I wouldn’t try getting on his wrong side, you get me?”
I said.
“Are you threatening me?”
The crown prince smiled.
“You really are old man Sirius’ kid, the same conversation every few decade.
Not a threat, a warning.
Whilst dragons aren’t as prideful as in the novels popular these days, you shouldn’t try to actively offend them.”
I sighed.
Before the crown prince could retort, Xelefar came out of its chosen cave.
“Relax, Caretaker, it’s cozy here, and they plan to use me as a “hostage”, so my brother will treat them nicer.
I heard of these mountains of yours, so I came voluntarily.
Don’t make it hard for the young’un.”
He said.
I shrugged.
“I will take care of him, and any dragon appears at our dragon shelter, Your Highness.
But please, remember the tragedy of the Twelve Islands Kingdom.”
I said, turning around, asking Xelefar if his diet changed in the last few years I haven’t seen him…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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