Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance

I was watching the TV, when my show was halted for some breaking news.
A superhero (of course it has to be them), just destroyed seven malevolent artifacts used in rituals by wizards, witches and the like.
Slowly, the fight with some hooded figures, and the destruction of the artifacts was broadcasted by the goddamn superhero, who filmed their “heroic” fight.
In this world, where witchcraft and magic in general is being seen as the villain’s domain I guess his actions aren’t wrong, but…
The artifacts were all shaped as Evil Gods statues because they were sealing artifacts.
They were made by mixing blood, mud, and flesh from those Gods so the seal is eternal and strong.
It took countless warlocks, wizards, witches and even clerics, and druids to seal those seven…
I just hope the heroes are ready for a doomsday scenario, because I am about to call the coven, and tell them all to prepare.
Yeah, I am the head of a coven, and I personally participated in the sealing of those seven.
Back in those days…
It didn’t matter what path one pursued.
What matter how they used their powers…
We indeed had many wars, and many of us didn’t shy away from barbaric methods in order to gain power…
But when the Evil Ones arrived, not one of us shirked from our duty.
We fought proudly, and madly to be fair, and we enjoyed it.
Using what we worked on for decades, centuries, in order to protect our lands…
It felt…gratifying…
But frankly, even though on the same level, few others could match a magic user, our ascent was anything but quick.
Higher spells couldn’t be mastered by simple repetition, whilst superpowers, talents, gifts and one’s body could be honed by repetition.
In order to master our specialization we needed to comprehend more than just the surface level of the spells.
We were researchers first and then fighters, no matter how much we liked a good battle, a good challenge, and not matter how strong we appeared.
So…we were left in dust at the early stages, and due to our superiority later on, we were feared…and thus we were vilified, and attacked, not given the chance to reach our full potential.
Of course, this was all after the great battle.
After all, that’s when the world saw the true power of thorough learning, and detailed understanding of magic.
It’s been more than a millennia, and people are mostly superheroes, or sorcerers, innately talented individuals.
The mere mention of magic is seen as something taboo, something wrong.
Scientists are unearthing the secrets of the body, which are just as great as the secrets of the universe, but they are focusing on such a small field…
Back in our heyday, we had wizards studying cells, spirits, souls, muscles, bones, blood solely…for centuries…
We had people mastering the effects and usage of higher energies, and their potential sources.
But now, all this seems heretic, dealing with demons and the like.
We got oversimplified, and vilified.
Quite sad.
Fear is normal, and it is good.
It tells you that there is someone, something threatening you, and you need to improve, face it or run.
But fear…
Fear should, and used to lead to improvement, to growth.
Running from our mortality, dreading our demise, we managed to reach into the well of knowledge, and managed ways to increase our lifespan.
But this new fear…the fear of knowledge, of the unknown…
It is crippling, freezing the development, and I don’t know how this will end…
Fear shouldn’t lead to ignorance, and yet look at what it did.
People are clueless about what a wizard, warlock, witch, druid, cleric could do, only the sorcerers were left relatively alone, as their gifts are closer to superpowers than magic.
I shall have to move these old bones of mine once more, I hope I won’t end up being hunted, after saving the world…once again… 

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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