You made a mistake, rookie

I woke up with slight dizziness, and a burning feeling in my wrists.
“Huh, so I was kidnapped…”
I murmured, yawning.
Looking around, I was in a rather spacious cave, with nicely chiseled walls, and filled with gadgets.
Behind me, I heard a door opening.
“Finally awake, Doctor.
You slept like a baby.”
A voice said, and soon a man’s figure was in front of me.
He was quite tall, almost handsome, with a devilish smirk, and a smoothie in his hands.
“Here drink this, I don’t want you to say I am not a good host.
It’s your favorite smoothie.”
He said.
And indeed it was my favorite.
“How about cutting the restraints then?”
I asked.
He chuckled, and freed my hands, although my legs were still shackled.
“I don’t want you to go running.
You see, there are plenty of traps around my place, would be bad if you would hurt yourself.”
He said.
I sipped the smoothie.
It was good.
“Ah, that’s good, the smoothie I mean.
You know me, so I don’t have to tell you there aren’t many things that can cause long-lasting damage to me.”
I said, as my wrists were already healed.
“Yes, yes, you have the power not only to accelerate healing, but also the knowledge to do so much more.
You can interact directly with cells, and somehow, you can draw energy from various sources, and make it suitable for any organic matter.”
He said, with such enthusiasm that almost made me blush.
“If you are such a big fan of mine, and you kidnapped me just for an autograph, I will be disappointed.”
I said.
“No, no, albeit I won’t say no if you offer me one, but it’s a different deal I want to make with you.
Also, don’t call it kidnapping, I just invited you over as my guest.”
He said.
He was too young, way too young.
“You a rookie villain, am I right?
And you want me to make you either immortal, or both immortal and immune to diseases, right?”
I asked.
He clapped.
I love intelligent people.
You have done it for several people, and I know it takes a toll, that’s why I found three underground volcanoes to use as power source.
So what do you say?”
He asked.
“How long was I out?”
I asked.
“2 days.”
He answered.
“You made a mistake, rookie.
You better let me leave, or I will have to treat you in a prison.”
I said, sighing, and finishing the smoothie.
You think the heroes can find you?
I made sure that this place is hidden and…”
He started his rambling, but suddenly everything started to shake.
I shrunk my legs a bit, and stepped out of the restraints, before returning my legs to their normal form.
“You see, I am a woman raised by a church.
I was raised to help people, and that I did.
Hero, villain, politician, hidden aliens, monsters, I made no discrimination.
Roughly 832 kids of really, really moody people are under my care, and so much more adults, and parents.
You suddenly took me away, endangering their treatment.
How do you think the people who care about them will react?”
I asked, as the shaking started to get stronger.
Looking around, I found a blanket, and put it over me, as I felt a bit too naked, with but a tank top and shorts, barefoot, hmm it seems he somehow kidnapped me from my own house…
Might tell the others to teach him a lesson.
But then, I saw the villain was frozen, panicking.
He was truly young.
“Relax rookie.
I will tell them to just throw you in jail, and not beat you.”
I smiled, patting hit head, calming him.
Soon, the walls were torn down, and I was “saved”, while the poor rookie was quite shaken and caught…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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