A day per week in Hell, gives immortality to Dale

Hmmm, this morning is so…dark.
Looking outside, seeing the clouds, the trees moving erratically, it was quite a grim weather.
“Hmm, this day is as good as any else.
To Hell with me!”
I murmured, as I got up, brushed my teeth, had some breakfast, and then, opened the portal I could only open once a week, and entered it.
Well, the sights of Hell weren’t that bad.
Ashy plains, spikey trees, demons running around, fighting, fucking or killing each other.
You know?
General mayhem.
“Hey, Dale, you came early this week!
Isn’t usually Friday your go-to Hell day?”
A demon shouted, as he saw me.
It was Beneol, a duke.
“Sup, mate.
Well, the weather is getting worse and worse on Earth, so I had no mood on staying there today.
It is getting closer and closer to the time I will have to leave Earth.”
I said.
“Oh, yeah, it’s about time.
Been what now?
A couple thousand years since the first ship left?
Your race is really a stubborn one, usually, the moment the home planet is unable to sustain civilization properly, races flee, and might only come back after they made it big in the universe.”
Beneol chuckled.
“Well, we barely have a few planets under our name, not much to go to.
Might be richer and younger, but we have yet to properly master the efficient usage of resources.
I will stick around for a couple centuries I think, before leaving.”
I said.
“Good to be immortal, right?”
He laughed.
I just nodded.
“Oh, right, will the portal work on other planets as well?”
I asked.
“Of course, albeit, my prince told me that you tweaking with the runes, making the portal smaller, and less flashy is quite rude.”
The duke said.
“Long life, lot of time to learn.
I just made it better.”
I shrugged.
“Those runes aren’t what you humans should play with.
I doubt you understand them anyway.”
He chuckled.
He was quite cocky, not a surprise though, he comes from the Pride lineage.
I just smiled, and flicked my fingers, making him float, before shackling him with golden chains.
He struggled, but couldn’t escape.
“Beneol, Beneol my friend.
You and your lot lost to me a couple of times already, and you still taunt me.
Have fun, and I apologise, but I have to leave you…hanging.”
I said.
He started talking, but I didn’t answer him.
I went to my favorite spot, a lava lake where demon fish schools played, as the trees around the lake swayed.
It was soothing.
“A day per week in Hell, give me immortality….”
I murmured, as I relaxed…                                                                          

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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