Okay, that’s just rude

It was a beautiful evening, with the stars shining brightly, the moon illuminating the pathway to the meadow where I was once again taken.
Wearing nothing, but a crown of flowers, I was sitting upon a palanquin once more, slightly happy that it was summer.
It was the 30th evening the villagers brought me out here, ready to sacrifice me to the Old One in the moonlight.
Damn, geezer of a village head.
Keeps staring at me.
I don’t even know if it’s good I have this birthmark that marks (ba-dumm-tss), that I am to be sacrificed or not.
I have been paraded naked for the last month daily, but at least, nobody dares to touch me.
On that part…
As the moonlight parted , I ascended again, and appeared in the void, as countless consciousness washed over me…
Before shuddering and turning away.
A mass of flash appeared, and gently pushed me back, and soon, I descended again.
30th time I was rejected by the Old Ones…
It’s getting offensive.
Like, I get it.
I should be, and I am happy that I didn’t go mad, nor was I eaten.
But why do they have to just ignore me?
As I descended, the villagers are dropped to their knees, bawling, begging for the Gods forgiveness and what not.
I just snorted, took out a pair of shoes I hidden in the palanquin, and went back to the village.
I won’t wait for them.
Anyways, next evening I will be paraded once more.
The night, and then the day passed swiftly, and once more, for the 31st time, we made the journey, under the guidance of a clear sky, and gentle moon.
Once again, I ascended naked (it’s cold up in the air, by the way), and I found myself in the void.
This time, the Old One literally ran away.
I could see space and time twisting, and rippling, as masses of something just turned tail and run in the opposite direction.
The hell.
They were afraid of me?
That’s just so rude, okay?
I did nothing wrong.
Well, I was a bit antsy on the first day, and I may or may have not bit one of their tentacles.
Ever since, they always throw me out.
But this time…
They just left!
If I can’t return to the village.
I will show them a reason to be afraid of me.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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