I am just being nice

As I was going home, it started to rain.
It was hellish, with strong wind blowing, thunder and lighting, and raindrops the size of half-a-fist.
As I drove slowly, I saw a man standing in the rain, at a bus stop.
Sure, it was more or less protected, but because the wind blew as it did, the poor man was soaked.
I stopped in front of him.
“Come, hop in, it would be bad to wait for the bus in this weather.”
I said.
They looked at me warily.
I chuckled.
“Mate, you are a head and half taller than me, do you think I could do something to you?
Come in, it’s cold.”
I said.
The man nodded, and sat down on my right.
“Thank you.”
He said.
I just smiled, and saw how soaked he truly was.
I shook my head.
“Where do you live mate?”
I asked.
The man looked relatively young, probably younger than me, but not by much, that’s why I allowed myself to be so friendly.
“On the outskirts…north from here.”
He murmured.
“Damn! That’s like an hour drive with this traffic.
Look mate, if you agree, I live five or ten minutes from here, come hop in, dry yourself, I can even give you some clothes.”
I said.
He stared at me.
“Why would you do that?”
He asked.
Looking at him, and at the mirrors, checking the road, I just chuckled.
“Ma ma said that she would beat me with a wooden spoon, if I ever denied help, when I could have offered it.”
I said.
This finally cracked his cold face, and he smiled.
“That’s how mothers are.
Thank you, I will accept your offer.”
He said.
The rest of the short yet long journey was silent, and we arrived at my house, as the storm was intensifying.
I quickly ran into the house, and as I turned back, the dude was just standing on my porch.
“Come on in already!
It’s the end of the days out there.”
I said.
“Really? You invite me into your home?”
He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Of course, come on in already!”
I shouted, taking of my coat, my shirt and going into the bathroom for towels.
Existing, I saw him weirdly standing in my hallway.
I threw him a towel.
“Dry yourself, I will prepare a shirt, and a pair of pants for you.”
I said, going upstairs.
He said nothing, just smiled.
I came down, already changed, albeit I wanted to take a shower, but that could wait until my guest feels better.
“Here, take it.”
I said, giving him a white shirt, and a pair of jeans.
I knew it would probably be a big for him, but it was good enough.
“you let in a stranger…in your house, aren’t you foolish?”
He suddenly asked, as he was changing.
He was really pale.
“I am just being nice, mate.
And if you don’t know it goes both ways.
You entered a stranger’s house randomly.”
I chuckled.
“But I know I am not in danger.”
He said, his fangs showing.
“I know as well.”
I shrugged.
“You…you knew I am a vampire?”
He asked, after seeing my calm response I guess.
“No reflection in the rear-view mirror, in the hallway mirror, and you weren’t shivering despite being soaked.
It doesn’t take a genius to guess what you are.”
I chuckled.
“And yet, you invited me in?”
He asked, sitting down.
“I am just being nice, mate.
Also, you are not the first vampy I meet, you are quite high strung on honor and stuff like that.
Doubt you would harm me.”
I said, going into the kitchen, brewing some hot tea.
He laughed.
“You are right…
You, you are a good man.”
He said, following me.
I just chuckled, and we talked a lot…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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