Attitude of a powerhouse

The human and demon race were at war for eons, before he was born.
Magnus was his name, a natural born talent in magic and body cultivation, soaring through the ranks like the dragons across the skies.
It didn’t take long for each demon to fear his name, and the generals, commanders, kings and even the Lord to wish nothing but to feast on his flesh, and drink out of his skull.
Alas, their wishes were for naught, for Magnus’ rise didn’t stop.
He became immortal.
He gained the recognition of powers far beyond the mortal realm.
He was publicly known as the strongest, and wisest wizard.
Then he retreated, focusing on himself, and his research.
This meant nothing yet to the demons, for they feared his power.
Humanity grew, and developed, while the demons waited, and suffered.
The demons were overall stronger than the humans, yet they weren’t as adaptable, as easily surpassing their own limitations.
Thus if the war went on, nobody knew how it would have ended, but now the humans triumphed.
Or so it seemed.
After decades of inactivity from Magnus’ part, the demons started getting impatient, and they started testing the waters.
And after many skirmishes, many fallen human villages, the demons started the offensive in force, and the war started anew.
At first, the humans were winning.
After all, decades of peace, and prosperity weren’t all for nothing.
And the decades of oppression didn’t help the demons…or so one would think.
But it made the demons tougher, crazier, much more motivated and so much more united, with a single goal: defeating the humans.
They were much more ferocious, and much more willing to sacrifice themselves, the demons, this time around.
And this time around, the humans were less willing to give their all, for they have known peace for decades, and they have forgot what it was like to fight day to day for their lives.
The Demon Lord herself often attacked, and humanity started to be pushed back.
Again and again, they have lost.
No hero, no wizard, no warrior was strong enough to stop the stampede of demons that were not afraid of death.
And that is when Magnus came out of seclusion.
A sigh echoed around the entire planet, and both human and demon armies froze.
They were terrified, yet they could not move, they were stuck in place.
Slowly, a figure flew towards the Demon Lord.
It was Magnus.
“Why are you still doing this?
It is pointless.
The cosmos is vast, endless, filled with dangers and potential allies and enemies.
We are of one planet, why must we be fighting?”
He asked.
“Your kind is disgusted by us.
We just want to live, what’s wrong with that?
But without land, how can we raise our cattle? How can we plant our needed herbs? How can we transform the land for our needs, if that is seen as “heresy” by humans?”
The Demon Lord cried out.
“If that is thy wish.”
Magnus sighed, and all the demons disappeared.
He looked around, and shook his head.
“Try to not get too soft, or I will bring monsters to your doorstep.”
He said, and disappeared.
He reappeared  on the second to last planet in the system.
It was a planet with two moon, dark, cold, humid but with atmosphere.
It was highly toxic, filled with creatures hostile to any living form.
The underground was filled with cave system filled with magma rivers, and volcanoes.
Magnus found the Demon Lord marveling at a mountainous range.
“This is…”
She said.
“Demonic paradise.
Your kind is naturally long lived.
I give you half a century, and if both demons and humans developed nicely, we may establish trade relationships.
Be good, try not to forget us, and try to dampen your hatred.”
Magnus said disappearing.
The Demon Lord sighed, and started leading the efforts to colonize the new planet.
Magnus returned to his home planet, and watched as the humans celebrated the disappearance of demons.
The higher-ups didn’t mention him, but said that a divine force punished the demons for their evil deeds…
Sighing, he scattered books about the true history of the planet, of the races, and books about how to become strong like him…
With that, he felt at ease, having done more than enough, more than expected of him, and returned to his own sanctuary, ready to continue learning, cultivating.
This was the attitude of a true power, doing what he wanted, yet still trying to accommodate those around him…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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