Most wanted man on Earth

I don’t know if I am lucky or not, but I live in a world of superpowers, without having superpowers.
I am just a regular guy, working 9 to 5, keeping the tabs on transactions, cleaning the data bases, basic stuff.
But today, everything went to Hell.
Heroes started appearing, grabbing me, and without a word flying away.
“Hey! The hell you are doing!”
I shouted.
But the hero just grunted, and sped up.
Before I could try to move a bit, the Hero was hit by something, and we both fell from the skies.
“There goes my life…”
I muttered, but before I hit the ground, someone stopped me from falling.
It was a villain.
“Here, come with me, we don’t have time to dilly-dally!”
He said, dragging me with him, as more villains and heroes appeared, and started to fight.
The villain was careful, and much more gentle with me than the hero, despite the fact that he had scales.
“What is even happening right now?”
I asked, as the villain dragged me to the ground, avoid a laser beam.
The villain didn’t answer, just continued to run away with me.
Behind and above us, villains were fighting heroes, but the sides were getting messy.
Some villains tried to catch me, some heroes protected me…
We entered an underground tunnel system, as the walls around us shook, shouts, screams and the sounds of an intense battle echoed.
I stopped, and since the villain wasn’t holding me strongly, I escaped his grasp.
“What is going on?”
I asked.
“Last month, you made some tests to see if you are compatible to help a relative with blood transplant, and maybe a kidney transplant, right?”
He answered with a question.
“Yes, but there are superheroes that can grow an entire organ from a small piece, it shouldn’t be this big of a deal, no matter what they found!”
I snorted.
“What if I told you that you actually have a superpower?”
He asked.
I laughed.
“I spent my childhood, and young adulthood wishing for one.
Now, I am quite content with my life.”
I shook my head.
“That is where you are wrong!
We have seen…well, the government and the superidiots…heroes, did their research.
They found that those around you find their powers inhibited, and closer they are, the weaker their power get.
Testing with your blood, they managed to revert a berserk supers transformation!”
He exclaimed.
And now that I look at him closely…his scales…were disappearing.
“So that’s why you want me…
To seal or erase the superpower of superheroes?
But why are the superheroes the aggressive ones?”
I asked.
The villain snorted.
“Who gives a crap about them, what we…well, many of us want is simple…a normal life.”
He said.
And then it hit me.
Most villains were either extremely powerful, which kind of messed with their brain, or they simply looked too…too different.
Scales, feathers, enlarged body parts, metallic body parts, extra limbs, eyes, and more physical signs…
If we go by magical systems, the heroes are mostly wizards while the villains are warlocks…
And most villains are labeled villains due to one or two misdeed, not even a crime…
“So, how can I help?”
I asked.
The villain face lighted up.
“Just follow me…Mr. Popular.”
He chuckled, his mood much better.
I followed him, sighing.
I just became the most wanted man on Earth…in a bad or good way, I don’t know…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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