Birds of a feather

My partner and I met in a small bookshop, coincidentally reaching for the same book: a book on the occult.
We laughed, and I gave up upon the book, just to have my sleeve grabbed by her.
She told me that after she reads it, she will give the book to me.
I accepted, with the condition that not only we exchange numbers, but we go for a coffee, and discuss a bit about the book.
That discussion started small, and we ended up talking about all that is about magic, the occult and myths and legends…
Not only did it end up becoming something interesting, we also ended up spending the night together.
That’s how our relationship began.
We visited holy sites from both old and new faiths and beliefs, visited castles and ritual sites, and spent so much time and money on books, that we really needed a castle just for all our books.
Not that money was an issue for us.
She had her wealth, and I had mine.
None questioned the other about the source of the wealth though.
And years passed, and finally…
I asked the question.
The big question.
I loved her, and I knew she loved me, our life was perfect.
But before she gave me an answer, she had me sit down.
Oh boy, I thought, something is not right.
“I have a secret.
I love you, and I want to get married, but…
I can’t lie to you, it will be understandable if you don’t want to get married after you hear this.”
She started.
I calmed down, and laughed.
“We all have secrets, don’t worry!
I love you too, with or without secrets!”
I said.
“No…honey, you don’t understand…
I am…I am a witch!”
She said, her eyes turning to that of a cat, her skin turning a shade greyer.
She pulled up her sleeves, where two tattoos appeared, proving that she’s a witch.
So, will you marry me?”
I asked, again.
“You don’t mind?”
She asked, smiling so brightly, it almost blinded me.
I sighed, and took her hands into mine.
“Of course not.
Also, I also knew it for a while now.”
I said.
“You knew?!”
She exclaimed.
I nodded.
“Not to be rude, dear, but dishes don’t really clean themselves with sponges, that’s why we have a dishwasher.
Also, Alonso, our cat, is talking, another thing normal cats don’t do.
And lastly, I have a secret as well, I am not exactly human either.”
I said, chuckling.
At this, she gripped my hands tighter.
“You aren’t?”
She asked.
“No, I am not.
I am a demon.”
I said.
She seemed a bit shocked but not too much.
“It makes sense now.
So this is why Belial didn’t take an offering when I asked him to cure my womb, and why he said he will do it for free.”
She mused.
“Oh, I sent him a legion of demons, so he can conquer to his heart’s content.”
I chuckled.
Then it was quiet.
She didn’t ask me who exactly am I, or what am I doing on Earth.
She said, after a long time.
“You will marry me?”
I asked.
She nodded.
We kissed, and not long after that day, we sent out invitation for our wedding…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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