The toymaker’s children go home

The world was developing peacefully, robotics, science in general being the most focused field of investment for humanity.
Androids were quickly replacing the heavy labor workers, and even some of the low difficulty jobs.
This did not mean there weren’t jobs, as the demand was continuously increasing, thus workforce was always needed, especially in arts, entertainment, researches, healthcare and many more.
In such a world, there was an unexpected genius, that was created by the experience, talents and ways of the old world.
A toymaker, who shifted to creating androids.
This toymaker was amazing, his androids not much different from humans, when it came to flexibility, adaptability, but their endurance, and knowledge were much higher.
It was said that he was but half-a-step away from giving his androids sentience.
He loved his creations as his own blood, each had a name, and each was sold to only those who passed the toymaker’s test, for a rather mediocre amount, considering the quality of the androids.
But then…the invaders came.
Life forms from another planet, resembling insects and arachnids, each filled with more hunger than the previous.
The armies of the world were drowned in waves and waves of insects, their very blood being acidic, melting even rocks.
Thankfully, androids were already in use of the military, and they increased their numbers.
All android manufacturers were enrolled, and asked to build androids for battle, and the toymaker was no different.
He wanted to say no, for his androids were much too important for him, but seeing the death and destruction left behind the invaders, he accepted.
He created androids with his utmost attention, focus and dedication.
Each being created to be perfect, adaptable, combat orientated.
He also left a gift for his children, after the war is over, they should return to him.
The androids were then sent to the frontline, where they actually assumed leadership over the other android forces.
The war took a turn for the better, as these androids were able to analyze the pattern of the invaders’ attack, their weaknesses and habits as well.
It didn’t take long until the conflict became stable, the frontline stabilizing and having a proper delimitation.
The war turned into skirmishes, and occasional battles, but it stopped being a proper war, with entire forces at play.
At this time, the humans started returning to their original posts, and only the androids were left at key points.
But there was an issue…
The order of the toymaker to return after the war is over was initiated.
And all the high-ranking androids made their intent of returning clear.
The human governments were angered, and afraid.
They ordered the androids to stay, but they simply couldn’t control them.
The hundreds of highest ranked, and highest-tiered androids were all leaving their posts, heading towards the same direction.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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