Good luck being me, mate

I was minding my business, that is cleaning the shelves, putting the books back onto them, and making sure that all the orders have been sent.
Working in a library should be a bliss, especially if you love books, but hell it is if you don’t have a second to open a book for your own sake.
Alas, I can’t complain.
I have a wage, I have benefits, it’s enough to live.
I have “friends” as well, so at least, I am not all alone.
I had a rather normal life.
But one night, as I was staying overtime so I can finish what I began to do, a small cloud of violet and silver fog started hurrying towards me.
A wild laughter was heard, as the fog washed over me, seeping into my body.
“Finally! A compatible body to possess!”
The voice exclaimed, as I could feel an additional presence in my mind.
I asked, leisurely.
“What, human? Want to beg?
Don’t worry, I can’t see many of your memories, since I am weakened, and also for this reason, I won’t erase your soul.
Be nice, and give me your body, I will help you become the ruler of your world!”
The voice enthusiastically said.
“Yeah, whatevs, I am going to sleep.
Good luck being me, mate.”
I said, giving the control to the demon.
Of course, I was paying a bit of attention to the demon, but I was happy to have some free time.
Here in my mind, all the books I have ever read, I could read them again.
This was my special power, perfect memory.
One would say, “Ahm, but if you have perfect memory, what’s the point of revisiting them? Re-reading them?”
Because I don’t access them constantly, nor do I have them stored in my main mind, but rather simply put on shelves.
I divided my mind as a library does with shelves.
Now, back to the demon.
“Oh, feisty for a human being.
I see that your job is that of a scholar, good, good, it means you aren’t ignorant, so sudden shows of higher intelligence and understandings won’t be weird.”
The demon “me” murmured, smirking, before leaving the library.
Then he went home, to my apartment, where he was all alone.
First, he was disappointed in the amount of savings I have.
“This won’t be enough for what I want to do…”
He said, before going out meeting up with my “friends”.
He saw me helping them a lot, but that’s all he gained from my memories.
It was fun watching him frown when my “friends” one by one excused themselves from helping him with anything.
Then he met with my boss, whom berated him, well “me”, and the demon almost snapped my boss’ neck.
Then, he tried to charm some people, but it didn’t work, for those people already knew me, and had strong feelings of disinterest towards me.
Long story short, the demon spend the next few months trying hard to recover, but he managed not to.
“How can you have so much connections, yet none at all!”
He shouted towards me, in my mind’ space.
“That’s how life it is.”
I shrugged.
“Your best friend stole your wallet! My wallet today!
Your sister had her boyfriend beat me up, because I had no money to give them!
What kind of life are you living!”
The demon continued.
“See, if it was me, that wouldn’t have happened, because they never come to the library.”
I chuckled.
The demon fumed, and swore to rule over these “mortals” with an iron fist.
I watched his antics happily, as I was reading, wondering when he will realize that people innately hate me.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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