No cheating allowed

It was goddamn gruesome to be a teacher in these days.
Like I live in a time where gods, devils, demons, superpowered individuals are the norm.
I am one as well, but that does not matter.
In this world, where making the impossible, possible is common sight…being a true teacher is hard.
The way of a true teacher, a way I have learnt, I have experienced, and come to love and cherish with all my being, is that of true guidance, true, honest and without falsehoods.
It isn’t about being rude while telling the truth, but by pointing out all the possible ways one can improve.
It means that there is no bad student, but only a teacher that has yet to found the perfect path for said student.
So, as per my ambition, I managed to snatch a spot as a teacher at a prestigious academy.
Good salary, amazing benefits, amazing opportunities.
Kids from affluent origins, or with unimaginable potential are my students.
It is great for my ego, indeed, as I teach the future of our realm.
Albeit, it’s hard to keep them in check.
Kids of deities, demons, and superheroes and villains of extreme renown.
Orphans, commoners that awakened powers that not even deities would dare to mess with.
Now, the two factions in the academy are obvious.
And we the teachers, are in the middle of it.
Well, at least the true teachers.
The ones that can’t be bought.
And how I love my job.
It’s a joy, to be fair.
Teaching these prodigies, that is.
No matter what, the blood of their parents is in them.
I teach them a thing, they learn two or more.
But these kids are cheeky.
And most of them are prone to laziness.
Thus, they would try to cheat.
Copying their homework with magic at the last second.
Paying others to do their homework.
And most importantly: cheating on tests and exams.
For crying out loud they have so many techniques for that.
The eight eyes of heavenly wisdom of the deities, the seven senses of desires of the demons, mind-reading, telekinesis, body-recreation and so many more weird techniques…
Let’s not even talk about the ones who hire shape-shifters to take the exams in their stead…
But they weren’t lucky.
I was the number 1 teacher on campus concerning the non-cheating methods.
My powers are related to enlightenment.
Meaning, I have 0 combat power innately.
You know, when you are able to learn about anything, and everything in detail, you are bound to reach a point where you can do a thing or two with the things you know.
One thing I can do, is that I can sense any change in the space around me.
Be it energetically, or matter wise, or spirit wise, or simply emotion wise.
They release even the slightest cockiness?
I can sense it.
They release a technique?
I can sense it before they release it.
Mind reading?
That too, I can do too.
So, when at the first meeting I say, “No cheating is allowed”, they smirk, well, the rich ones.
They laugh at first, but they all come to learn…
No cheating will be done in my class, and they will learn properly…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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