Silence is golden

I have been told by my parents to laugh, to sing, to shout and to speak as much as humanly possible, until I hit 16.
Why did i have to do so?
They told me that i am blessed and cursed with a tremendous gift.
The gift of The Word.
You know? The Word that shaped the world we are living in?
The power to make your words carry true weight?
Bend reality?
All that super duper true tier magic stuff?
Well, seemingly, I will awaken it.
And awaken it I did.
Right on spot, the very second I turned 16, i wanted to wish for something, but I was stopped by my parents.
Well, actually, I was stopped by the inaction of my parents, and those invited.
The moment I said, I said “I wish…”, everything froze.
When I stopped saying anything for 10 seconds, the time started to flow again, nobody knowing that they just stopped for a while.
I said nothing, just smiled at my parents, whom instantly said something along the lines of “family emergency”, and put a stop to the party.
Afterwards, I spoke no more.
Thankfully, I learn ASL, quite early, in preparation for this. ( Learnt is too much said, it’s like forced to learn it, is correct, as I still didn’t believe back then in my parents’ idea of me having that power.)
And from now on, I shall speak only through signs…
I learnt on my own skin how silence is golden, from two perspectives.
If I don’t speak, my powers grow (ironic), and I can actually synthetize little gems of power, that can prolong life, and cure all illnesses. (this came in handy.)
On the other hand, once I cursed out when I stubbed my toe, and the table, the TV, and half the wall decayed, transforming into a black goo.
Since then, I am extremely careful not to speak.
Not even a whimper, a whisper, a sigh can escape my mouth.
It’s quite unfortunate, but it’s doable.
At first, in my sleep, there were accidents, but after a while I got used to it.
I even got to meet a cute girl, who was deaf, and eventually we got married.
As a job, I was a programmer, one of the most “no need to talk”, jobs possible, so I can evade it even more.
Years passed and everything was good.
But my wife’s deafness was cured by the little gems I create.
And after that, she learnt to speak, and she wished to hear my voice.
It was sweet.
She wanted my voice to be the first she ever hears, as she was born deaf, but I couldn’t…
She understood, but I could see the disappointment in her eyes.
I said: “I love you”, and she smiled, then she did everything for me.
It was perfect, but I knew…my words have powers…
I just didn’t expect to affect her this much…
Silence is Golden, and words are everything in my case…yet I can not speak, shall not speak, must not speak…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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