Elder Sister’s Wrath

My elder sister was my world.
She was amazing, kind, intelligent, and her drawing skills…
She always drew such colourful worlds for me…
On my 16 birthday, my parents and her told me a secret.
My elder sister is an eldritch entity.
How is it possible that she became one, they don’t know.
They are certain my mom gave birth to her, and since she gave birth at home, and she was a healthy girl, my sister that is, there are 0 chances that she was swapped at the hospital.
But after they brought her home, she started showing her anomalous properties.
The crib bending, and becoming a small palace, my sister floating, glowing starlight, her limbs stretching, bending…and many more.
Now, telling me this, my sister just smiled, as she levitated me, alongside with the chair I was sitting on, as her nails shone like starlight…
I was in awe.
I worshipped her before, now, it was even more.
I nagged her constantly to show me her powers, to tell me more about it, and if there are others like her.
And obviously, she granted all my wishes, that’s how my sister was.
She didn’t pamper me, as she would lecture me when I asked for powers as well, or for too extravagant gifts.
But her drawings almost came to life, and that…that was more than enough of a showcase of power.
Days passed peacefully.
Her secret, safe with me, as I wasn’t that stupid.
But frankly, it did hurt her quite a lot, socially at the very least.
This secret, I mean.
Not that she had a choice, after all, people would go mad after seeing her true form, or at least, allegedly. (Some old geezer told my parents that, not long after sis started showing her powers.)
She is okay with being an outcast, but I feel upset.
She is by far the most beautiful girl in the city. (Might be due to her eldritch genes, might be because she’s my big sis and she’s awesome)
Intelligence wise…they just told me that she’s been running businesses, and trading stocks since she was 16…
Talents wise….she’s literally a goddess. (Lovecraftian, but still.)
Would be nice to see her appreciated…
Albeit, now that I think about it…
I doubt there is a human on this planet that is good enough for her.
After all, she’s my elder sister!
Alas, I couldn’t say a thing, so I went on with my days, school, home, piano practice, home again.
This went on by, until one day, an idiot talked badly about my sister.
Calling her freak, insane, and many other…less savoury words.
Well, let’s just say we exchanged more than words, and because he was a bit older, bigger, and had more friends than I did…
I came out worse than he did.
Didn’t really take it to heart, as I felt content I left my mark on him.
That will show people that I won’t take it lying down if they talk about my sis.
Although, I went home with a black eye, it was worth it.
I wore it like a badge.
Which was quite unfortunate, since the moment sis saw it, she blew off the roof.
“Who did that to you…”
Her voice was here and there.
Present yet not.
Cold, cutting.
Her figure flickered, and glowed, her nails elongated, and the very space trembled around us.
“It’s nothing Sis!
Just a boyish scuffle!”
I said, trying to calm her down.
She laughed.
A crazed laugh that made me think of things no human should think.
Then she sighed, and everything turned to normal, the roof once again above us.
She gently caressed my face, contouring the black eye.
I felt it heal, and disappear.
“Sorry, little muffin…
I lost myself for a second there.”
She said, hugging me.
I hugged her back.
Lesson nr.1.
Elder Sister’s wrath is no joke, I shall be careful with it from now on…
Thankfully, I doubt she could ever get angry with me….on the other hand…for me…I have to be careful…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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