Hades’ Favourite

My dear Rex was ill.
The vet said he couldn’t do a thing.
This dog…Rex…was family for me.
I was a bit knowledgeable on the occult, but never tried it.
But for Rex…
For Rex, I would do it, and succeed.
And I went ahead, and summoned a demon, successfully.
I haven’t even had the time to gasp at the appearance of the creature, when it saw Rex.
The demon paled, forcefully jumped out of the spell circle, and started healing my dog.
“Ahm, I guess I command thee to heal my dog?”
I murmured.
“Shut up, mortal.
If I don’t save this canine, Lord Hades will have my horns.”
The demon hissed, his hands glowing and hovering over Rex.
After a while, Rex got better, and the demon threw itself onto the sofa.
“Bring me the offering you prepared.”
It said.
I brought a cup of cattle blood, and the fresh liver of a pig.
It drank, and ate it.
“You could just bring wine and cheese next time.
We aren’t that barbaric down there.”
It said, chuckling, now life coming to its voice.
“You sound…relieved.”
I said, as I sat down next to Rex, petting him.
“You would also feel relieved when your eternal life isn’t in danger anymore.”
It chuckled.
“Not saving Rex would have caused you trouble?
I don’t think I have the powers to make trouble to you…”
I murmured.
“You? Haha! Good one, mortal, good one.
No, not you, Lord Hades on the other hand…”
It laughed, shaking its head.
“Hades? Lord of the Underworld?”
I asked.
“No, Lord of the Pastry shop down the street…
Of course, Lord of the Underworld!
He loves but a few things in this world, Lady Persephone, his duty and brothers aside, he is totally under the spell of Cerberus, and brethren of his…
We are bound by oath to protect Cerberus, and any canine being, and we are to abide by their will, and shall not attack them, not even in retaliation.
That’s why dogs are such good guards…we literally can’t touch them.”
It sighed.
I just nodded, letting the demon rest.
I couldn’t care less about Cerberus being Hades’ favourite.
It sounded interesting, and even a bit adorable, but all that mattered to me right now, was that Rex was alright…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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