Poseidon’s Heir

An urgent meeting was held at Olympus, with all twelve main Gods and many lesser gods as well.
“What is this about?”
Dionysus asked, looking quite concerned, which was rare for him.
The atmosphere at the seat of power of the Greek Gods was suffocating.
“Relax brother, if you weren’t this impatient, we might have had more fun last time.”
 Aphrodite giggled.
“Could you take this seriously?
Father and Mother, Uncle Hades and Uncle Poseidon are nowhere to be seen.
The Fates are also asking for a tremendous amount of Golden Dragon Scale Silk, you know? The one they weave exclusively for us? The Gods?
Something is wrong.”
Hephaestus said, his voice booming.
The Gods bickered, and talked in shushed voiced for a while, but suddenly, the Hall was drowned in a palpable darkness, and thunders roared as the cries of peacocks resounded.
The Gods stopped, and waited for the thrones at the head of the Hall to be occupied.
First came Hades, quickly as a flicker, and appeared on his bronze throne fashioned with armrests in his favourite creation’s form: the Cerberus.
Then came Hera, anger evident in her gait, as she sat on her pure white throne, that flashed with the colours of the rainbow.
And lastly, came Zeus, slowly, in complete silence and seriousness, his steps echoed as thunders, as he occupied his seat, the throne of sky blue.
Poseidon was nowhere to be seen.
It wasn’t Zeus, nor Hera who started to speak, but Hades.
“Brother joined the fields today, refusing to use his divinity to be reborn.
Officially, the seas…are ownerless.”
His voice was plain, cold…and pained.
The Gods reeled in surprise.
“Uncle is dead?”
Apollo asked.
Zeus and Hera nodded, while Hades sighed.
“He fought against the hordes of monsters birthed by the shadows of Tartarus deep under the waters for eons.
He grew…tired.
We could forcefully bring him back amongst the living, but he said he would then dissipate his divinity completely, returning to nothingness.”
He said.
“Thus, the reason for our meeting.
Father, Uncle, and Hera are thinking of alternatives of whom to pass the remaining divinity, and whom to nominate as new ruler of the Seas.”
Athena chimed in.
At this Ares snorted.
“And let me guess, it is up to us to choose one of the present gods?”
He said, smirking.
“Yes and no, brother.
Indeed, we need to act quickly for the oceans are raging, storms are gathering, and the people of the seas are up in arms, leaderless.
But no, we all have our own heavy burdens, none of us can bear the additional weight of Uncle’s as well.”
Athena answered.
“And whom do you propose? A son or daughter of Poseidon? A mermaid? A nymph? A lesser god?
A human perhaps? A demigod?”
Demeter asked.
“I could create an automaton that could house Uncle’s divinity, and rule over the seas!”
Hephaestus exclaimed.
Albeit, nobody seemed to acknowledge his idea.
“Bellerephon, Perseus, Orion are all candidates, but so is Achelous, and Amphitrite as well.”
Athena said.
“She is Poseidon’s wife, it wouldn’t be hard for her to continue her husband’s duties, obviously, with the additional power from Poseidon’s divinity.”
Hestia mused.
“She’s stricken with grief, and great anger, and unwillingness.
She’s right now trying to convince Poseidon to return, thus she is in my domain as well, unavailable to do any duties.”
Hades simply stated.
“There is one more way, no? Selecting a worthy human, that is.”
Hermes said, fiddling with a snake.
“I gather you already disagree with the demigods and other gods, and have found a proper successor.”
Athena stated.
“Indeed, dear sister, indeed.
I present you, Nicholaus, 240 seasons old, veteran fisherman and sailor.
Has seen both the good and evil side of the seas, and knows more than he lets on about gods, and monsters.
Has been friendly with a naiad for four decades, has a satyr best friend, and his wife used to be an oracle candidate for brother Apollo.”
Hermes introduced a human, his figure appearing in a cloud of smoke that was spit by Hermes’ snakes.
“Why do we bother with these meeting at all?
Just let brother Hermes do the picking.
I agree with his choice anyway.”
Dionysus said.
Artemis added.
Soon, more and more voices of agreement sounded, until only Zeus, Hera and Hades remained without an opinion, and Athena’s neutral stance.
“I agree.
He not once looked at the naiad with lustful eyes, and even after his wife’s passing, not once did he forget to visit her resting place on a daily basis.
He is dutiful, and helpful by nature, never refusing true help seekers, but knowing how to scare away ill-willers.”
Hera said.
“I agree as well.
Thanatos said his life would end in a decade, which is extremely long for a mortal.
It seems the Fates have given great providence to him.”
Hades nodded.
Now, everyone was looking at Zeus, who, unlike his usual self, was still silent.
Hera started.
“I agree.
But one of you will need to supervise him after the fusion with the divinity.
The moment he becomes even slightly like Poseidon, I shall not permit him to enter Olympus!
My Brother is irreplaceable!”
Zeus said, storming away.
The gods nodded, knowing that despite the irregular meetings, and scuffles, Zeus loved his brothers dearly.
This was, Poseidon’s Heir was chosen, and Nicholaus’ life changed…      

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