Awkward afterlife

Huh, so this is the afterlife?
I mused to myself, as I watched a blinding golden light encompass everything around me.
I lived a good, long life.
I expected that the afterlife shall be nothingness or Hell for me, but this…
This is a bit different.
As I walked the empty, golden light filled space around me, suddenly I stepped onto something solid.
Looking ahead, then beneath me, stairs started to materialise.
They were normal sized, yet they were anything but normal.
Made out of some amethyst and royal blue coloured crystals, each step I took showed me a different day of my life.
Approximately 32500 steps later, I arrived at it.
The Pearly Gates of Heaven.
This was so weird…and so wrong.
Looking at the platform leading up to the Gates, a beautiful being of light waited for me with a smile.
Obviously, it was an angel.
“Greetings, soul of the worthy, and welcome to your reward.
Welcome to the Lord’s kingdom, you shall find it pleasant.”
It said, with such a warmth I felt blood rush to my cheeks, even though I seemingly had no flesh anymore.
“I beg your pardon, and by no means I am unsatisfied by this result, but…
Am I in the right place?”
I asked.
Not because I was foolish, I wanted to go to Heaven, especially now that I knew that it existed.
But considering it exists, I doubt I could swindle my way into it without being worthy.
“Of course, Adam Sleipew, there are no mistakes done in fate’s threads and wheel.
You being able  to ascend the stairs of your life with ease, means that you are a pure soul.
Had you been evil, the ascent would have been painful, and you would have failed to do so, thus the stairs would have transformed into an easier form, but that would have led you to Hell.
Had there been conflict in your steps, but no pain, the stairs would have never stopped repeating, that is until you could have taken them with ease.
That would have been Purgatory.”
The angel said with a slight chuckle.
“But…but I was of a different faith.”
I managed to say.
“Oh, we know.
You followed the commandments of Samael, well, you know him after his fallen name, Lucifer.”
The angel laughed.
“So you know…
Isn’t Lucifer the enemy?”
I asked.
“Rival, rebel, evil, tempting being? Hmm, Brother Samael  has many name, and Enemy is one of them.
But his faith require no worship, only following commandments, at least, his true faith require no worship, for he is unfettered, and uncaring.
You following him are simply unshackled, not bound by those chains of morality and faith others are.”
It said.
“But some commandments are extreme, almost evil.
If a guest behaves in an insulting manner, behave cruelly? For example.”
I said.
“Since you are aware of it, it explains why you are here.”
It chuckled, the light around us fluctuating.
“This is weird…
I never considered myself religious..”
I sighed.
“Who said you should be?
The Lord wishes for humans to be kind, helpful, and generally good beings.
That requires work on your part, and nothing more.
Belief and faith in Him makes it easier for some, harder for others, and makes no difference for another.
Just like how a devout believer in Him might end up in Hell due to their life, it is possible for someone believing in Samael’s words to end up in Heaven.”
The angel said.
“I am not a good person…
I am just me.”
I stated.
The angel smiled, the Pearly Gates opening.
“Welcome to our family, Adam.
After getting used to the kingdom, you might take up roles, tasks, and might even end up becoming an angel.
I hope I shall see you one day in Brother Francis’ troops, helping animals from Heaven just like you did on Earth.”
The angel said, taking the lead towards the Gates.
“Excuse me…
But will everyone know about…you know? Satanism?”
I asked.
“Of course, there are no lies around here.”
It chuckled.
I sighed.
This shall be an awkward afterlife…
It seems at least I shall enjoy it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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