Magic users coven

Another Halloween, another coven meeting.
It’s one of the best days of the year.
Not just because the meeting is held, but because for some odd reason, people “love” supernatural beings, and topics.
I know there are plenty of humans that do it all year round, but now, it’s publicly accepted to show your love towards the hidden.
Alas, this lasts only for this day.
Not that it bothers me too much.
I run a veterinary office out in a small town in the mountains.
I am close to forests, to nature, and there aren’t many people.
As a druid, it’s quite easy to blend in, as thankfully, humans still need animals, and still care about some of them.
Making my way to the meeting’s location, I saw many old friends coming as well.
The meeting is being held always in the same spot, a forest cabin, well more of a hotel, where hundreds of us can gather.
It also works perfectly as a tourist spot on other days.
Lila, the owner, who is a cute little witch, uses the place to get money, and use her skills with herbs to heal people.
The massage parlour, the sauna and the aromatherapy that is constant at the hotel is 100% working, and has cured countless people, some whom didn’t’ even know they were ill.
Magic is amazing.
It’s quite sad people hate, fear, misjudge and misidentify us.
Like seriously.
Witches aren’t simply female wizards, albeit the term is also used as female magic user, but witches generally deal with herbs, blood, curses, demonology and body magic.
Wizards are scholars, that’s it. Be it man or woman, they are individuals who not only are able to study and learn magic, they focus on the studying part.
Sorcerers/Sorceresses are magic users with innate talents in the field, rarely studying, they just perfect and master their innate talents. (My best friend is the best water sorcerer, and has done no research in other spells, simply followed his instincts, and created his own…)
Warlocks are magic users who are contracted to higher beings, gaining knowledge and affinities through that contract.
Druids are beings who are able to connect to nature, and draw powers from the environment.
Vampires are beings who are able to sense blood, and through their knowledge of blood, are able to cast and influence others like that.
There are countless magic users, and we are all different.
As I was lost in thought, someone tapped me on my shoulder.
“Uncle Gaine! How are you?”
The young lass asked.
“Little sorceress Viola! Haha! Good, I am good, and you?
Been practicing your magnetic magic?”
I asked, turning around.
The one who tapped on my shoulder, was a youngling, barely a couple decades old sorceress.
“Yes, I can now affect the magnetic field of living beings!”
She beamed.
“Good! Do you have with whom to train?”
I asked.
“Not really, you know my parents, they are elemental sorcerers, not variants like me…
And theories can’t really help me…”
She pouted.
“I will ask Francine if you may visit my place, I have plenty of animals with varied constitutions, but you will have to be careful.”
I chuckled.
She beamed running ahead, probably finding her parents.
All around us, there were people walking in groups, talking about their life, their research progress and more…
This was my extended family…
Our little coven…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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