The Hell you mean he went to Hell?

In our society, supernatural, immortal and mortal events, individuals and worlds were intertwined, coexisting.
Most used their powers normally, to ease their lives, but many chose either to use it for the greater good or for evil.
I personally thought I was in the first group, making my life easier.
But seemingly, casually taking stuff, entering museums, libraries, cemeteries and parks is seen is a villainous act, thus I have been classified as a villain.
It’s a bother, you know?
I am a researcher.
Well, a researcher of the occult, magic, rituals, contracts all that.
And now…by lucky, I would say, coincidence, I am a warlock, my patron god? Hades.
I met him randomly in a pub, we got drunk, we talked about mythology, told him Hades is my favourite god from the Greek Pantheon, and well…he became my patron god.
We still hangout from time to time.
But it’s hard to have free time as a villain.
Those heroes try to make my life harder and harder.
“Why are you at the library?”
“Why are you stealing artefacts?”
“Why are you taking the books?”
“Why are you taking pictures of the ruins?”
“How did you find these ruins?”
So many questions…
And the battles…
These individuals would have an amazing power, and use it fully…without bothering to learn anything else.
And they wonder why I can counter them after one or two defeat, ahem, draw.
I may or may have not end up with a nemesis.
And this man…
As a saint did he live, for all that I can say.
Helped everyone, poor, rich, kind people, assholes, he helped them all.
Alas, he wasn’t the brightest of them.
Not that heroes are smart, I find them too lost in their self-righteousness or philosophies in general.
But this time…
This dude went too far.
He took on one of my spells head-on…
And he…
He died…
I killed him.
That was sad.
I felt a bit of remorse, but not that much.
Nobody told him to court death.
Alas, I was his killer, so I may or may have not helped his family a bit, and visited him in the cemetery.
And then, a bit later on, I had my get-together with Hades.
We were drinking, talking.
“Matty…you know the mortal you killed not too long ago?
Kind of your first true kill?”
Hades asked.
Foolish hero, thought his invincible or something.”
I nodded.
“Well, at the Afterlife Gods meeting, I had a talk with Luci, that hero of a fool is in his Hell.
Like Luci’s Hell, guess he was Christian.”
Hades said.
“The Hell you mean he went to Hell?!
That man was a fucking saint!
Like, he would walk barefoot cuz he keeps giving his shoes to homeless people!”
I said.
“Well, we don’t make up the rules for where the souls go…
That’s up to the Fates, Destiny or some greater force, depends on the pantheon really.”
Hades shrugged.
“I have to meet with them.
That dude can’t survive in Hell…”
I said.
“That’s the point of Hell though…”
Hades muttered.
But I couldn’t listen anymore, as I opened a portal, heading towards the pantheon of gods…
I might do everything for myself, but damned be I if I let that poor fool rot in Hell…
Well, I already am damned, but that doesn’t matter!
I will see that he goes to Heaven or at least reincarnates…
Then I can continue researching spells…I might even get some benefits out of this  thing…          

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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