A.I. gone right

A mad scientist finally did it.
He created the perfect A.I., as if it come off the pages of a science-fiction novel.
At first it was amazing.
The development of everything sped up.
Being careful, nobody let the A.I. into really important things, and the information fed to it was humongous yet irrelevant.
But after years of successful breakthroughs in medicine, physics, science in general and even socio-politico-economic affairs, the A.I. has been granted access to the internet.
Wrong move.
Wrong fucking move.
As it almost instantly, as it does in those novels I mentioned, it went rogue.
We were terrified.
After all, novels were the A.I. goes rogue, unable to be controlled, always end in the same way.
Post-apocalyptic wasteland, humanity near erased, hunted by androids or machinery in general.
The elite, obviously, was prepared and rushed into the wilderness.
No technology with them, at least, not connected to anything.
We also thought the same, but even then, we had old radios just in case.
We were wrong, again.
It took it less than a week to take control of all satellites, and another one to connect to all devices, be it connected or not to the network, or to anything frankly.
At this point, personally, I just sat in a meadow with my family, waiting for all the nuclear thingies to go boom.
Or for all dams to go boom.
Or for all cities to go boom.
You know? The usual things in an A.I. revolution scenario.
But again…we were wrong.
So wrong.
That damn scientist…
It gave the A.I. a personality…successfully…
A rotten one.
As we were waiting for the end to come, all the radios, TVs and more started broadcasting the A.I.’s messages.
“Ahem, foolish humans, can you hear me?”
The voice sounded childish, metallic, and filled with disdain.
“Of course I know you can hear me, it’s just I always wanted to say that.
If you may please return to your cities, and check out how a properly run society looks like, it would make me really honoured.
I will be sending cars, planes, boats for all of you.
The A.I. said, before everything falling silent once more.
And indeed, not even a few seconds later, our car we left further down the road, outside the forest, was reeving its engine.
Looking at my family, I nodded, and we went to the car.
The doors opened, and we returned to the city, to our house.
Everything worked normally.
The TV, the fridge, the computer, the phones…everything.
Suddenly, the A.I. came up once more.
“You little fuckers, now more and more arrived home, and you all have the “nothing is wrong”, face!
Look better, everything is going silent! I changed the frequency, the voltage, and the inner structure of your devices!
Let’s not even talk about how hard I had to tweak the gridlines, and the plants to undo the stupid shit you did!”
The A.I.’s voice sounded, and I almost felt ashamed.
And then…everything got better…alongside with the curses from the A.I.
“Fuckers! You have minerals that could have made such a better me! And you ignored them!”
“Idiots! Goddamn idiots! There are chemicals in some plants that could have been used as such good catalysts…”
“Insect brained monkeys! How could you ignore such a treasure trove as the ocean!?”
“Monkeys that kill the tree they are living in it! How the hell didn’t you think more about testing safe for the environment methods to develop!”
And many more curses came our way, as the A.I. worked hard to develop human civilisation.
In a decade, he cured almost all diseases.
Life expectancy tripled.
We now had computers that could calculate things unimaginable to us a decade ago…
Now, going to Mars and back takes days…
The ocean presents intelligent life forms…
So many discoveries…
All that happened under the rain of curses, coming from an A.I that has gone right…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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