The rules are changing

Something is afoot.
I have been patrolling the borders of the Silver City for aeons, and beyond that, the borders of the Heavens for an even longer time, and now things are getting stranger.
Ever since the dawn of time and even prior to that, it was normal for some life forms to naturally be born in Heaven.
But all these life forms were influenced by the environment of the Heavens!
They were are beings of light, lightning, water, air, storm, emotions, purifying fire!
But nowadays…
Demons have been born and appearing around the edges of Heaven…
And they are getting closer and closer to the Silver City…
It is weird.
So, as a commander angel, I applied for a leave to Hell, as further investigation was needed.
After arriving in Hell, I expected to see the usual mayhem.
Swarms of demons trying to breach the many gates to the mortal realms, all protected by legions of angels, my brethren.
Further away, in flying castles, floating mountains and moving cities, demon dukes, archdukes and princes would watch this as entertainment, while the ground itself was burning, trees shrieked and launched spikes all over the surroundings.
The skies of the darkest shade of purple, thundering as if gurgling.
But no…
Hell was calm.
The plains of ashes, fires, and blade grasses disappeared, and beautiful green star grass took its place, with small streams and mesmerising flowers decorating the never ending plains…
The sky was paler as well, and much more quieter.
And the demons…
The demons were nowhere to be seen.
I walked up to my brothers and sisters, who were all suited up.
“What’s going on?”
I asked.
“The demons retreated, but they will attack, with proper armies this time.”
Lethoel said.
“How long has been this going on?”
I asked.
“Four decades.
The higher-ups know of this, but they said all we can do is reinforce our defences, and prepare for a shift.”
He said.
I wondered.
“The mortal realms are fed up with our non-interference policy.
They see no difference between Heaven and Hell.”
He said.
I paled.
“Their perception…”
I whispered.
“Is changing the realm’s definition of Heaven and Hell.
Heaven shall have hellish sceneries and Hell shall have paradises on it.”
Lethoel nodded.
“So, it’s not a complete shift.”
I sighed in relief.
“No, not yet.
But the rules are changing, and so will our game style.
The demons wish to invade the mortal realms, and become the most populous race, completely erasing our existence through their perception.”
He continued.
“We won’t let that happen.”
I said, looking around.
My brothers and sisters all armed up, ready to fight.
The rules of the realm itself are changing…
Maybe I shall consider a job change as well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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