Not to be disrespectful…but are you sure?

I was reading a book, when I was surrounded by a curtain of amethyst and silvery light.
When I finally could open my eyes, an elderly woman appeared in front of me, sitting at a table, with cups of tea brewed, still hot.
I instinctively knew I had to sit down, so I did.
The tea was delicious, and the chair was comfortable, yet I felt…awkward.
The elderly woman just stared at me with a smile.
She was, I am sorry to be rude, but filled with wrinkles, her hair silvery white as the pale moonlight.
Her eyes were pale grey…filed with warmth.
She wore white clothes, being in sync with our environment.
“So…Why am I…here?”
I said, asking after a while.
“To learn.”
She said, her voice gentle, yet so…tired.
“Learn what?”
I asked.
“How to be the Goddess of Justice.”
She said.
“Excuse me?”
I asked.
“I am the Goddess of Justice, the current one, and I am dying.
You have been chosen to be my successor.”
She said, smiling.
“Why…Why me?”
I asked.
“Impartiality. Empathy. Kindness.
Justice is not blind, but we are allowed to turn a blind eye on certain situations, it’s up to us to which.
Justice is a field related to Madam Fate and Destiny, thus you will be working with and for her.
Most importantly, you have to be strong, for there is a lot of injustice going on, that we will redress long down the way.”
She said.
I sighed.
“You mean that even if justice fails in the past or present, one day, in the future it will we dealt accordingly with?”
I asked.
She nodded.
I asked.
“Destiny and Fate are often varying, and are often changing.
Sometimes there is a need for dark times in order to good times to come and last.”
She said.
This seemed to be a lot…
I was pinching myself ever since I got here, and I felt something wet…I guess I am bleeding…
So this is truly real…
Looking at the kind face of the wom…Goddess, I sighed.
“Not to be disrespectful, but…are you sure?”
I asked.
She giggled, before starting to cough.
“Ah, my time is running out…
My dear, just because of your question, I think you are even more perfect for this role than anyone else.
Haha! Still hesitating, wondering over whether this is right or wrong, real or false, worth it or not, possible or impossible, these are the traits that you will need as the Goddess of Justice…”
She said, starting to glow strongly.
“I chose well…”
She whispered, as the room burst into an explosion of light.
When I could finally open my eyes, I was in my room once more, book in hands…
But a tattoo appeared on my arm, and I knew so much, and so little…
I have become something more…
I could feel someone or something calling for me…
This is going to be interesting…and terrifying…
Will I be able to do this?…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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