I will be back

My best friend and I made a pact.
“Whomever dies first, will need to come back, and tell the other how it is on the other side.”
We made it after watching a movie about a rather interesting afterlife…
It made us think.
And as we were rather not on this plane, our heads high up in the clouds, we made the pact.
Because, unfortunately, I was the first one to go.
And my spirit dwelled upon Earth for a bit, before going to the afterlife.
And for gods’ sake, it was awful.
Seeing all the people I didn’t even know they cared about me, cry…
It felt…
I don’t even know how to put it into words.
My best friend, well…she was devastated.
Blaming herself.
Blaming the pact.
It was hard to watch.
“Thankfully”, a great door appeared, from where a tall, lean, beauty came out.
“Come child, it’s time.”
She said.
I looked at my best friend.
“I will be back.”
I whispered, before turning towards the beauty.
I followed her, and we walked long on a golden road, filled with spider lilies.
We arrived at a crossroad that split into three.
One straight ahead, one left and one right.
“Which one is mine to take?”
I asked.
“Whichever you feel like to walk.”
The beauty shrugged, her voice melodic, soothing.
I sighed.
I hated these games in the novels I have read.
Always so cryptic.
Looking at the roads, I was confused.
The one straight ahead was the same golden one, filled with spider lilies, albeit I could feel it getting brighter and brighter.
The one to the right was a road made out of fresh grass, with beautiful trees lined up at its side.
It was filled with a mesmerising fragrance, a gentle breeze, and the chirping of birds.
And the one to the left…
It was a road made of burnt tree barks, looking quite sharp to be walked on…
It had a heavy watery smell.
I looked for a long time, before sighing.
The beauty giggled.
“You know what I want to ask, am I right?”
I asked.
“If you are allowed to check all the 3 roads.”
She said, with a teasing smile.
I nodded.
She just looked at me.
“So, am I allowed?”
I asked, sighing.
“Of course, you are obsessed with seeing the afterlife, the whoolee afterlife.
Also, why do you think you are even allowed to see all three roads?”
She winked.
I smiled, and started on the first road.
I will be back on Earth with information about all…and I will tell her about all of it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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