The Hell am I needed for then?

I was looking at the two individuals in front of me.
A couple blessed by both the Heavens and Hells.
A couple who had friends amongst the highest beings of the multiverse, and enemies just as many as the stars in the skies.
A couple who frightened an entire era into seclusion, for it was not worth fighting for providence against them.
A couple who created a Holy Land out of nothing, despite both being from great families, a Holy Land for those who have nothing, but could become anything.
The woman, a shining star amongst stars, so beautiful you can’t even look at her directly.
The man, a fierce supernova, burning so brightly, only a few select can get close to him.
And cradled in the woman’s arm…a baby.
My young master.
For the man and woman are my saviours, my masters, the Lord and Mistress I serve.
They were bathed head to toes in blood, yet the baby was spotless, and none of the blood was theirs.
“Take care of him.
He will grow up to be stronger than me.”
My Lord said, handing me the baby, albeit the Mistress didn’t take off her hands.
“Teach him well, have him read books, and make sure he makes good friends.”
She said, kissing Young Master’s forehead.
“I will die before anyone could even glance in his direction.”
I said my oath.
“We will be back.
Those bastards are nothing.”
The Lord said, leaving with Mistress in tow.
They needed not to glance back, for they knew.
They knew they will one day be back.
That was the confidence of the strongest.
I looked at the child in my hands, and I swore to do my best.
We moved to a rather backwater planet, and started our lives.
I brought with us a personal library from where the books prepared by Mistress and techniques and arts prepared by the Lord were.
I personally taught him martial arts and body strengthening, for that was my forte.
For it was the only reason I could survive until this day, my body was strong.
But Young Master…
Learnt too well.
Too fast.
Just as expected.
Two dragons shan’t have a lizard as offspring.
His talents were overwhelming, even bordering on breaking the limits placed on the area we were in…
And as his talents bloomed, so did the danger hidden in each blessing grew stronger, and got closer and closer.
And when it was finally upon him, upon us, that’s when I first saw it.
My Young Master was destined for greatness.
And Fate took this seriously.
A band of bandits, from higher worlds came onto this one, to hide from the relevant authorities.
All of them were seasoned bastards, filled with experience, and dirty tricks.
And all of them were cultivators.
Of course, they were nothing but ants in my eyes, but for Young Master, they very well could have been gods.
And he met them.
He met them while they harassed a young lass.
And he managed to beat them…
Easily, for his movements countered theirs…
As simple as that.
I shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing.
Then, he found an immortal herb…something that even I would carefully use.
HE ate it, and completely absorbed its efficiency…
Then, while I decided to show him the greater world, we were hit by a strong solar storm…
A solar storm that he managed to use to strengthen his body, according to my training technique…
We met such incidents every now and then, and when things got too tough, Young Master always managed to break his limits.
Many times have I let him be humiliated, but not once did he lose or not have the final laugh.
Watching him grow, I was reminded of the Lord…
But sometimes I was quite bitter…
Thinking “The Hell am I needed for then?”, if Fate already decreed that Young Master shall rise to the peak…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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