Mermaid’s groom

I am so foolish…
Sorry grandpa…I didn’t listen to you…
This is what I thought, as the beautiful maiden, with a deep azure fish tail dragged me under the waves…
I was mesmerised by her voice.
Mesmerised by her looks.
Her eyes were so pure, so naïve…
Her lips…were so enchanting…
Even her skin and scales…
I don’t know what got over me, but I jumped into the water, off the shore…
And then, like lightning she was upon, grabbing me by my collar, dragging me down with such force, that I could not resist.
Sooner or later, I blacked out…or died?
Who knows.
But when I woke up…I was in Heaven.
I was in a bed, surrounded by countless pillows, and blankets, and above me was a ceiling so high, that I barely could make out its contour.
It was colourful, and as my eyes got used with the light that came from pearls hanging from the jade walls, I realised that it was painted.
The Sistine Chapel’s painting would be ashamed to be in the presence of this one.
Myriad creatures, lightning, stars and pillars were represented on it, all the while being surrounded by what seemed waters…
Looking around, I could see no windows, only a humongous door, or gate, lavishly engraved.
As I was musing if I was in Heaven, or dreaming before or meanwhile dying, the doors opened.
In came an extremely tall middle-aged man, with such a presence that I could barely look at him, as my eyes stung.
He had a wild, royal blue mane of a hair, strong features, golden eyes, and a slightly pale jade skin.
He was no human.
He sat down on the floor, and even then, he was almost at my eye-level, while I was sitting on the bed.
“Human, state your name, occupation and ambitions.”
He said, his voice surprisingly gentle, albeit cold.
“I am Nathanial Yelok.
I am a psychiatrist, and I wish to help people, while maybe having a family of my own.”
I said, without thinking.
Why did I answer a stranger’s question honestly?
This was weird…
But the man, smiled, and started laughing.
“Good, good, a good answer.
Psychiatrist? That means you deal with the matters of the mind and soul, a honourable occupation, and one that can easily be lead from mortal to immortal.
Cultivation won’t be a problem.
My 9th daughter finally found a husband, and it is a one we won’t need to hide.
Welcome to the East Sea’s Dragon palace, son-in-law!”
He said, standing up and patting my shoulders.
Afterwards, maids came in by the dozens, bringing food, pills and countless scrolls and books…
I was to be the mermaid’s groom…
Whom seemingly was the daughter of a Dragon King…
And I was supposed to start cultivating…
What did actually happen to me?
Is this real life or just fantasy?…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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